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I'm trying to set up a Rendezvous session, and record ISOs of each person joining the call. Is this possible in WireCast? I'm currently on a trial, so I can't test as ISO is only accessible with a license. If this is possible, are there any processing requirements to record 4-5 ISOs (one local plugged in camera, and 4 remote Rendezvous participants)?

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  • Its funny you mention that. I was testing ISO only recently with Rendezvous. No, it is not possible to record individual Rendezvous guests currently.


  • Please post in the Wirecast Features Request forum so people can vote for it. 
    I don't doubt there'd be some interest in this.

  • Can pro res even record at that low of a raw resolution?

  • Matthew Potter Yes.

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  • Greg Kuhnert Ah too bad. Thanks for getting back!

  • CraigS Will do. Unfortunately the need is imminent, so will look to another solution, but hopefully this is developed for a future update!

  • Jeffy Can You can use Skype, bring the callers into Rendezvous through NDI and use a separate Skype call recorder as a possible workaround.

  • CraigS What would be the intent of using skype only to then bring them in via Rendezvous? That isn't very clear as to how one would even do that.

    Jeffy Can If you're using Skype, word of warning, each NDI audio feed contains the audio feed for ALL your guests so you only need one of the audio channels into Wirecast. You will still need to bring in the "Local" input for yourself which will have an audio channel but again, any number of guests will be mixed down to each. Also, if possible, use a different machine for Skype on the same gigabit network if you're going with this approach. Also also... heads up the CPU load of Skype + NDI gets fairly high and he current implementation of Wirecast starts having syncing issues with NDI if the CPU load is over 40%-50%.

  • Matthew Potter There are video recorders for Skype if one wanted to record that. One would use Wirecast for recording the callers.

  • CraigS But as Matthew said, Skype merges audio. The various tools are not capable of recording individual isolated audio for each remote guest in Skype. Realistically, I don't understand why ISO would not be available for Rendezvous. The data is there, it should be able to be done.


  • Greg Kuhnert said:
    don't understand why ISO would not be available for Rendezvous.

     We certainly do and it involves some challenges.

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