Restream Cutting off End of Video

Loving the new restream feature...but need to fix a small issue I'm having with the end of my streams (YouTube & Facebook) (about 1–2 mins) being cut off (from both restreams).

I must be doing something wrong at my end. Any ideas (settings) on how I can fix this would be appreciated.

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  • Hi Daniel.  Glad you're enjoying the new re-stream service!!  Are also recording to disk with Wirecast?  If so, do you see the 1-2 cut off?

  • Simon Clarke NO, I'm not recording to HD. Only restreaming.

  • Are you restreaming to both YouTube and Facebook at the same time?
    Can you test each one individually and see if you get the same results?
    Do a local recording as well to see if that differs if a restream is getting cut off.

  • Maybe you are cutting the streams too early? Did you try letting them run for a couple minutes after the event ends with a slate file or something similar?

  • CraigS  Only sending one signal (restream) to YT and FB simultaneously. I might try the HD recording and see what I get.

  • Jeremy E I might try your idea and see how I go...

  • Daniel Kay 
    Do test streaming to both while recording locally. 

    Try streaming to just YT.
    Then try streaming to just FB.
    End the stream as you normally would and see if either exhibits the issue individually. 
    This may help determine whether streaming to both destination through Restream to see if that's a factor. Obviously it shouldn't be but I want to explore that possibility.

  • CraigS I'll see how I go doing the tests...for now, I'm going to add a splash screen at the end of the broadcasts.

  • Daniel Kay That sounds like a reasonable workaround in the meantime.

  • If you restream to one location it is not a problem.  It ends perfectly.  However if you restream to more than one it does cut off the end.  To stop that I had to put in a closing slide or image and let it stay while Wirecast is still Live.  Each destination seems to be one a different delay compared to the other.  So if I close based on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope get clipped.  If I close based on Facebook and Youtube, Periscope gets clipped.  So I leave the image up until I see Periscope show it.  Probably an issue they need to deal with on the next upgrade to Wirecast or the telestream cloud.

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  • Alan Weinstein Daniel Kay I've filed this as a bug for engineering to look at. Internal refs: CONTAIN-82, WIRE-14830

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