Chromakey: White outline around subject

Hi all,
We have having some issues with our chromakey and have not been able to find the answer in any other post.

When using chromakey a white outline appears around the subject. We've attempted adjusting the lighting and threshold settings but nothing seems to remove this outline.

We believe this might actually be something we can resolve via the settings as we've noticed when we transition to a different media the outline disappears for a moment during the transition.

See attached images for frame by frame comparison during a transition.

We are using a canon xa30 in combination with a black magic web presenter. 

If anyone has any suggestions of how we can resolve this issue it would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I see the issue but it's hard to make suggestions without seeing the green screen and the lighting. Have you tried to select the color with the mouse? It's not clear how you've experimented with the settings. Perhaps you're getting spill on the subject. 

    Are you using Wirecast 9.0.1? If not, please update.

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  • Hey Craig,

    Thanks for your response. Yes we are using the 9.0.1 and have tried selecting the color with the mouse.

    Our subject generally stands about 4ft away from the green screen so I'm fairly confident it's not an issue with spill.

    I have attached an image of our green screen and lighting set up.

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  • Rory Geoghegan Ideally I'd like to see both the screen lighting and the subject lighting in use. Keep in mind that nearly all our live shows include green screen so if we're not having an issue it may be setup related.

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  • CraigS attached is a photo of our set up and subject lighting. We are currently using two soft lights on the green screen and an led light on the subject.

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  • Rory Geoghegan Thanks for that.
    Please do fill out the form and send in the screenshots. We'll send you a case number and have a look. We may want to have a look at the video in Wirecast before the key so we can see the elements.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • That's a typical issue for no correct lights. Before all, try to put a back light.

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  • Piero Castaldi True generally it's a lighting issue. Given that most of our webinars and live streams are chroma keyed it functions well with proper setup. There are some cases where certain sources may be more problematic than others. Since this is using BMD Web Presenter there might be an issue with how Wirecast is handling it. The best key sources are "uncompressed" but the Web Presenter might be compressing the source given it's design includes using it as a simulated webcam source.

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