Episode Engine Failed Encode: Filter Error

Been seeing this lately.  The value specified by mutex is invalid (lock)

Using a x264 preset with a resize and channel configurator applied, simply dropping the same Prores file back into the watch folder and the encode works.  Back story, this is installed on a server where a 3rd party vendor is using the API for some proxy gen for their asset management and that software was recently updated.  Coincidence?  ver7.1.0.7423


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  • I'm not sure how the use of Episode Filters would be impacted by asset management. It's possible it might impact access to the watch folder though.

    I'd suggest you test your workflow keeping everything local. Using the same settings, encode the file locally and see what happens. This will confirm whether the filters have any issue.

    If the issue is around having to add an asset twice to a remote watch folder then it's  possible the asset management API's proxy gen might be at issue. If that's the case, you may want to disable the third party's API and test again. 

  • Thanks Craig let me see what I can dig up.

  • You're welcome and do post back what you find.
    BTW Episode 7.2 was just released so you should probably update and test with that.

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