Vantage forum or category?

Is there a Vantage forum or category? Bottom line, where and how do I ask a Vantage-related question? Thanks!

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  • Jun David no knowledge base that is searchable that I know of. Telestream sells their support, they don't offer much free at all, you have to open a ticket for everything, they call it quality control.

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  • Jun David make sure you use the previously posted support form and request a Vantage Forum.

  • Any updates on the forum? 

  • Geno P Not yet. Fill out the previously posted form and ask for a status update. Point to this thread and show the user interest.

  • Raspberry Bear Please request it using the Support Form I previously posted. They may need more persuasion otherwise they prefer direct contact.

  • Aqua Rain  Certainly fill out the previously posted support form. Vantage support needs to hear about this from users.

  • Just replying in support of a forum- will follow the link, etc.

  • Hello All, until that Vantage forum is created, can anyone please help with creating a workflow to add black frames to a media to round the duration to seconds (hh:mm:ss:00 I mean)? I found how to add a variable no of frames at the end of a piece of media, but I can't figure out how that number can be generated from the media duration. Thank you in advance!

  • Andrei Stăncescu You would need to use the previously posted support form unless another user is willng to answer here.

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  • Marigold Seashore You must tell Vantage support you want a forum by filling out the previously posted form.

  • Please tell Vantage support you want a forum by filling out the previously posted form.

  • Thank you.

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  • Hey!

    I can't complete the published form. Every time I get an error.

    Although I have contacted Vantage support on multiple occasions.

    Can you please tell me what to do?

    I really need your advice

    Best regards, Zhdan!

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      • CraigS
      • 1 mth ago
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      Zhdan (877) 257-6245

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