No option to pause a video!!


I am using Wirecast Pro 6.08 version along with Black Magic Ultra Studio 4K.

iOs version : 10.11.4, 3.4 Gz

Output at 720 p

During a presentation we loaded a video on layer 3 in the preview. We wanted to show our viewers the initial portion of the video and then pause it while one the show host talks what the clip is all about.

But as soon as we hit the Go Live arrow button, the video started playing in the live window when the original video in preview was still paused. 

I strongly believe there is auto play setting i have goofed up, any pointers on how to fix this?

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  • The video in the Preview will stay paused. Only the Live Area video will play.

    If you have the video already playing in Preview and go Live then the video in Preview will continue to play as well.

    If you want control over the video file while live, you would open the Shot Editor and select Live Playback: Changes are live and use those control.

  • Thank you. Will try it tonight and get back.
  • I have the same issue on Windows and new Wirecast 7.0.1 - I can't play video clip with the setting "Hold" when the clip finished. 

    It's really weird because even the option "Remove" do not allow clip to be played.

    Do you have any solutions for that?

  • John Zmuda please include a simple step by step for me to test this. Or, perhaps do a screen recording and link to it so I can see what's happening.

    1. Windows 10, Wirecast 7.0.1, New Document
    2. Import H.264 .mov file.
    3. Change to Hold.
    4. Cut to Live.
    5. When the video finishes playing it Holds on the last frame as expected.


    1. Doing the above but Change to Remove instead.
    2. Cut to Live.
    3. When the video finishes playing it is removed and replaced with black as expected.


    Both Hold and Remove work as expected for me.

  • Why did you delete this feature? .. :(

      • CraigSModerator
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      • CraigS
      • 1 mth ago
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      Dogan Kumova said:
      Why did you delete this feature? .. :(

       Changed many versions back due to changes in our playback engine. We understand the interest in returning these features but there is more work to do for that to happen with similar behavior as previously seen.

      • Dogan Kumova
      • Technical Manager
      • Dogan_Kumova
      • 1 mth ago
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      Thank you. I understand and respect you for your attention. 

      Actually, now I am managing a TV channel with Wirecast. It is so easy to create too many scenes and scenarios with it. you can not do it with any software like Wirecast. But I need so many features that I need. Every day I am reading around the forum to discover new features. 

      Last Saturday I made a live broadcast for 7 hours with more than 100 guests via Skype. :) It was incredible. 

      Please tell your Dev team my congrat. 

      Thank you. 

      • CraigSModerator
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      • CraigS
      • 1 mth ago
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      Dogan Kumova Please do look at our Feature Request forum. You may find and vote for the many requests that you're interested in or, after searching to see if they exist, add new ones. 

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