Please allow restreaming at resolutions above 720p

Currently Wirecast Restream only allows streaming at 720p, and unfortunately we require Restream not for it's multiple streaming capabilities, but because it's required for live captions. 


Please allow restreaming at at least 1080p, or allow live captions without using Restream. 1080p has been standard for a decade now. Our entire workflow is 4k and Wirecast is our only bottleneck. 

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  • You might be splitting the vote. Please see similar request and do vote for it.

  • Live Captions as a separate service might be an interesting request but technically it may require the same backend resources which may be why it's an add on. 

  • Ah thank you, I searched but somehow missed that one. 

  • Andrew Schaffer It's easy to miss some these given the variations in wording.

  • CraigS 

    CraigS said:
    Live Captions as a separate service might be an interesting request but technically it may require the same backend resources which may be why it's an add on. 

    Actually, captioning from 1080p would require insignificant resources compared to restreaming. If there is no encoding, there is no significant CPU load. But let me go a step further.

    There are two types of restreaming. One with re-encode, and one without where the packets are simply copied from input to output. The people at restream.io worked this out, and provide their service for free at 1080p. How? They made an architectural decision to not re-encode for free level services.

    Being the geek that I am, I built my own restreaming service that I use for my own purposes, and it works like a charm. Load on CPU and memory is insignificant when doing 1080 compared to 720, as long as you can live with the compromise of no re-encoding. Each time I broadcast now, I am sending to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, Twitch, dLive, SmashCast, and Mixer.

    One outbound feed from Wirecast, and it is split up into multiple services in the cloud. Whats even better is that by using a no re-encode setup, I am able to run the whole thing in a very small virtual machine on existing infrastructure. The only semi-complicated aspect is Facebook, which requires an additional app called "stunnel" to convert a RTMP stream into RTMPS which as we know is mandatory for facebook. But even that is low load. Just sending a RTMP feed via a loopback locally and encrypting. Works a charm.

    So. Back to the point. Telestream could absolutely do 1080p, if they did not re-encode without significant additional cost. Only bandwidth would change. Everything else should work just fine. And if bandwidth was really a concern, work out a pricing model that does 1080p at a different pricing rate. Easy.


  • There are a lot of services that offer restreaming and live captioning. Even for free. Shouldn't be a big problem these days.

  • Jens Jarke could you point me in the right direction? We're in need of automatic captioning for live events at a price comparable to Wirecast Captions. We do not need restreaming. We haven't had a lot of luck finding anything. 

  • Too easy mate. Take a look at webcaptioner. it works like a charm in vMix and support a ton of languages. I haven't tried with Wirecast to be honest. But it should give you a hint or idea. Or install vMix (60 day trial) as well and go out via NDI into Wirecast or skip the Wirecast part. It depends what you like more.

    Boxcast and Vimeo are providing live captions as well if you go with them as service providers.

  • Webcaptioner provides open captions. We are looking for closed captions. I can't find any info about Vimeo providing live closed captions. I have set up a meeting with Boxcast to get more info, but it looks expensive. 

  • Yes, we provide closed captioning that would nominally be "ADA" (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant as might be needed in gov't and public educational institutions.

  • boxcast offers CC as well.

  • Yes, it looks like we will be switching to Boxcast until Wirecast can catch up. Wirecast is very capable software that just seems to fall short for us here. Thank you Jens Jarke for your help, I somehow hadn't come across Boxcast yet.

  • Always happy to help.

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