"Prefer External Device" not working

Hi there,

We are using version 4.5.4 (9751) of Switch Player with the T-Tap device.  When we have multiple files open, each time we switch between them, there is a loud "crunch" and we see the Audio - Destination setting has reverted to "Internal Speakers", despite "Prefer External Device" being ticked.

This is very frustrating, as obviously the Prefer External Device function is not doing its job.

Is there a bug fix for this, or another setting somewhere we haven't yet found?



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  • What OS?
    Have you installed AJA 15.2 software which was recently released?

    Offhand it does seem like it's loosing contacting momentarily when you switch between clips.

  • Hi Craig,

    We're running High Sierra 10.13.6 on a Mac Pro (Late 2013).  Just updated to AJA 15.2 (thanks), but no change.  I click on one window, audio device is set to Internal Speakers despite Prefer External Device being selected.  I change it to External Device, click another window, click back and it's reverted to Internal Speakers again.  Does the same with all open windows.

    Each time I click a different window, there's a big loud crunch through our speakers too.

    Any help greatly appreciated!


  • a j  Let's see if you can change the default by going through each file and setting it to External Device. Then go through and select each file and see if it retains that or defaults back to Internal Speakers.

  • CraigS This is what I’ve been trying, I’m afraid it doesn’t work.  Every time I return to a window, it has reverted to Internal Speakers.

  • a j It certainly shouldn't behave that way.
    It seems to be losing its connection to the T-Tap (probable cause of the noise) and defaulting back to Internal Speakers as a result.
    Fill out the form and report the issue. We'll send you a case number and investigate.
    Switch Report Form

  • I've sent the Report Form, hopefully I'll get a response soon.

    Just to add to the above, when opening individual files, the setting works as it should, every time.

  • a j said:
    Just to add to the above, when opening individual files, the setting works as it should, every time.

     My guess is it's losing connections to the T-Tap given the audio crunch you're hearing and, at that point, it doesn't remember the setting. That audio noise I think is a big clue.

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