Choppy stream high CPU %

Greetings! I wanted to see if I could get some guidance. My church is having some issues with our stream being visually choppy and also our visual never synchronizes with the audio. Our CPU usage is always between 99 and 100% while streaming on wirecast. We have great internet connection I just need to know what upgrades would need to be made so that we can have a better stream. Thank you

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  • Ideally you want to keep CPU below 60% and as it goes over 80% you'll often have issues as you note.

    There are a number of causes though so without details I can only speak generally.

    The current version of Wirecast is more CPU efficient than older versions.

    Using Intel QuickSync or NVENC encoders are more efficient than x264.

    Using 720 frame size is more efficient than 1080.

    Newer quad or 6 core i7 or i9 processors are more efficient than older versions and they're both more efficient than i5 processors.

    Recording MOV files (Wirecast uses iFrame codec) are more efficient than recording H.264 variants with some exceptions (recording and streaming codec use the same encoder).

    Streaming to a single destination and distributing to other destinations by the server is more efficient than doing streams to multiple destinations.

    Turning off Live Icons can help.

    Not using the Preview window can help.

  • We currently run a dual i5 processor on macbook pro (mid 2015) and I was pretty sure that that may indeed be the issue. Also we're running an older wire cast system (6) which I'm sure contributes to the issue. Thanks so much that info really helps, we will definitely be making some system upgrades.

  • Anthony Wirecast 6 many not have Apple H.264 support which is more efficient. There's been lots of improvements since then. Wirecast 11 may even be more efficient with your current hardware.

  • Upgrading to 11 today I will let you know how everything goes! 

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