Streaming Randomly doesn't work

We do a lot of live streaming through Wirecast at our church and have been encountering a lot of issues. There are times where our Wirecast streaming just turns red and won't stream at all the whole day. Then after a couple days when we stream again, it works fine. Nothing changed on our end. I only have Wirecast installed on this machine and only used the machine for streaming.

Specs on Computer:

Windows 10

16 GB of Memory

i7 6-core processor


GTX 1060 6GB Video Card

Internet speeds: 150/150 (down/up)

Recent Version of Wirecast installed.

Attached are the settings I am streaming on. When I change the settings to something else, I get the same issue. This is very strange why I am getting this issue.

Today, when we started streaming, the stream turns green and starts streaming fine. Then 5-10 seconds later it turns yellow for 1-2 seconds then turns red and stays red and doesn't stream anything when red. This is not the first time we encountered something like this. How can I troubleshoot this?

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  • Please make sure you have Wirecast 11 specifically installed.
    Reset Wirecast Preferences as corrupt preferences can impact streaming.
    Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but select the lower left Reset Preferences.
    Restart Wirecast and test in a NEW document just in case the issue is the document.

    Please run a speed test when you spot the issue. ISPs can have momentary issues. Not only check upload speed, check Packet Loss, which should always be 0%.

    YouTube's own servers can have issues which is why YouTube offers a backup server option.

    You may want to run a quick test to another CDN to make sure it isn't YouTube having the issue.

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  • I have Wirecast 11 installed and I have a Wirecast project which I load each time. I tried restarting Wirecast and my computer and same issue happened. Today I am able to stream with the same project I used yesterday. Again this happens maybe once every other month. I did run a speed test yesterday and was getting 155/162 and checked the packet loss so its not ISP issue.

    Next time I have this issue I will try to do a quick test to another CDN to make sure it isn't Youtube. If another CDN works I will reach out to YouTube. Thanks for support.

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  • Oleg Timoshchuk said:
    f another CDN works I will reach out to YouTube

     You can try the backup server feature even if that's the only server you target.
    Again make sure you reset Wirecast preferences. Sometimes the document itself can be an issue so, when you have the time, you could try creating a new document and see if it happens again.

    I've seen instances where, if you start the stream with a "complex" image it may have a problem talking to the server. You can start with the "Clear Layer" shot. You can do this while it's still in Preview in YouTube so you don't actually have to send that out to the viewers. Run that for 10 seconds or so and then switch to your normal opening shot and then go live.

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