Capture Type: Monitor - image is offset, cut off

I want to use the video from an external monitor (connected via HDMI), full screen as a Wirecast shot. That monitor may include video from Skype, a browser, or local media. 

The problem is that sometimes (like right now), the image in the shot:

  • has the right side is cut off (about 20%, not just a little edge. No, there is no Crop set),
  • is the wrong size. Shot Layer Properties shows the scale as 100%, but the image is reduced about 20% (and the right side is cut off).

Look carefully at the screen shot and the picture I've included. Notice that the Windows logo in the monitor is not supposed to be hard against the right side of the frame. That's the amount of video that's being cut off.

I can select the primary monitor (the built-in monitor on the laptop) to fill the shot, and all is good. The shot screen is correctly filled, and nothing is cut off.

Both monitors are 1920x1080.

The Scale to Fit button will bring the external monitor image to full screen (at 120%), but the right side remains cut off.

Oddly, I can change from the Monitor shot to an App window, and some apps will correctly fill the screen, but some (the Firefox browser, for example), will be the wrong size with the right edge cut off when the app is in the external monitor, and will jump to the correct size as I drag it to the main laptop monitor.

Some things I've tried that didn't help:

  • Changing the Windows Display settings of the external monitor. When I get as low as 800x600, the whole image is displayed, nothing cut off. Some larger 3x4 sizes 'work', too, but 1280x720 and 1920x1080 both have the side cut off.
  • Resetting Wirecast prefs
  • Creating a fresh instance of Wirecast
  • Changing the external monitor to a different monitor (a 1080p TV with HDMI input).
  • deleting the shot and creating a new one.
  • reboot the laptop (of course, many times)

The 'save my bacon' workaround will be to run Wirecast in the external monitor, and use the laptop for my browser/Skype input window. Not ideal, but it works.

This is my 'on the road' setup that I'm just putting together. I've been running a 'studio' system for years. I've actually seen this issue, but it's disappeared with Wirecast restarts... I think. I don't recall doing anything specific to create it or fix it. But here, it's intractable. Nothing fixes it.

Tech Specs:

  • Wirecast 7.7 Pro for Windows
  • Windows 10.0.15063 Build 15063 ver 1703
  • Dell Precision 5510 
  • Xeon E3-1505M 2.8 GHz 
  • Input from a GeChic monitor (1080p) HDMI - Generic PnP Monitor, MS Driver 10.0.15063.0
  • not streaming
  • Wirecast Prefs: (+=checked, -= not checked)
    • Open last doc +
    • landing page -
    • Feedback +
    • viewers +
    • Send diagnostics +
    • Audio: Primary driver
    • Vid display rate: 30
    • Live icons ON
    • Live icon FPS ~15
    • no hotkeys
    • Use High Quality Video +
    • Render YUV +
    • Legacy D3D9 -
    • Disable Vert Sync +
    • Video Adapter: NVIDIA Quadro M1000M
    • Web Stream: Disable IP cam discovery -
    • Default Playlist duration (none)
  • Canvas size: 1080p
  • Streaming/Encoding: none yet
  • Output Stats: none (not outputting yet)

As always.. thanks for your help!

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  • It occurs to me that a better way of describing the problem is that the image in the Monitor Window is too big. It's being cut off on the right and on the bottom. Again, no Crop has been set.

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  • Gary Pearce Have you checked the Driver Settings to see if anything impacts the second monitor?
    Have you tested with another monitor to see if the issue is specific to that monitor?

    Do test in a demo of Wirecast 8 to confirm the issue persists although I suspect it will. Since I haven't seen other reports like this I'd recommend doing a thorough double check of the driver and monitor settings. Wirecast is getting its info from the GPU.

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