Does Wirecast have something similar to OBS's Automatic Scene Switcher?

OBS has a feature called Automatic Scene Switcher. 

It switches between scenes depending on whatever window is currently in focus.  So if I open Photoshop, I can have a custom layout scene for that screen.  Then if I switch over to Cinema 4D (or any other application), it will change to another custom layout.   And even better, if I open a window or application that isn't recognized, it can go to a custom screen (like AWAY FROM KEYBOARD, or PLEASE HOLD!). 

It's tremendously helpful when broadcasting desktop-based live steams.  


Is there anything like this in Wirecast? Or some way to achieve this?


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  • Wirecast does not have this feature unfortunately. While I know of the one you speak of with OBS, Wirecast is more focused on event based streaming than gamers… As such, it’s not been a high priority as the system being used to stream is often not the primary one used in the on-screen shot list. Telestream does have another product, Gameshow, but I don’t think that has the feature either.

    While it doesn’t exist, there is a "feature request" area / function you can use that I’m sure an actual Telestream rep will forward you too.

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  • It certainly may be a reasonable feature request. Best to post that in the Wirecast Feature Request forum for easier monitoring but here's the link to the Feature Request Form in the mean time.

    Do post in the Feature Request Forum so other users can see it and add their support. The more requests the greater the potential to impact development priority.

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  • Matthew Potter Thanks for the response.  I'll do a feature request. 

    I know the feature is primarily used for gaming streams, but I actually use it for teaching / training videos.  It's nice to be able to switch between photoshop, premiere, after effects, and cinema4d will having custom views for each.

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  • CraigS Thanks, I'll mention it there.

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  • I'd also really appreciate to hear from anyone who might know of a way to do this programmatically.  Is there any scripting in Wirecast?

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  • Russell Anderson Yes Wirecast can be controlled by scripting.

    On Windows
    Wirecast > Help > Open Scripting Documentation

    On Mac
    See Apple's AppleScript.

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  • Scenes would actually help our live streams massively. Pre-programmed layer selection etc. Would be awesome. 

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  • Jay Rozanski Fill out the Feature Request Form link in my first post in this thread. The more requests we receive for a feature the greater the possibility it can influence development priority.

    Since the developers like to know about specific use cases as it can impact how they approach a feature, explain how you'd use it.

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