flashing black frame when create Replay and when change speed

hi everyone,

I found this problem, every time I use the marker for the replay I see a black flash directly on Wirecast Live, same problem when I change the speed of the replay clip in slowmotion.

mac os sierra

i7 2.7ghz 16gb ram  ssd 512gb(free 300gb), wirecast 8.3


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  • Can you do a screen capture that shows the issue?

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  • CraigS 

    this is the problem.. every time i change somethings in the project i see a black frame.. if i take hold and scroll i see a flashing frame how in the video... in the video i change the audio volume..

    same problem every time i select ( with autolive activated) a shot in a different layer

    example... if i select a shot in first layer then i select another shot but in second layer i see often a black frame, sometimes direct in wirecast live window and sometimes in external monitor via HDMI

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  • Andrea Pacini The Wirecast display isn't showing the issue, only your external device. You'd have to explain your config.

    You may want to use separate Preview and Live Area windows and make changes while the shot is in Preview instead of Autolive.

    If you're using Multi-Viewer Output for recording externally perhaps that's an issue. Of course if you were making changes in Preview than that would have no impact if you were sending Live Area out.

    I suspect adjust a shot with Autolive enabled means it may be trying to send those changes out... but I'm not seeing it in your Live Area, just your external recorder/monitor.

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  • CraigS unfortunately I work only in autolive to be in step with the graphics to be published and replays in very short time for the game very fast even at the end of each action.
    the external recorder is mandatory, set on the multi-view output, as I already have 2 cameras set for the replay and a third camera for the game timer, plus the streaming, also setting the recording on the same mac would lead to the processor collapse and performance.
    recording on video Assist 4k is used for backup in case of a signal collapse

    in the video you can see only flicker with the change of the audio setting, but on the change of the clips it makes only one, at the moment I could not document it

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  • Andrea Pacini 

    Just as a test, disable AutoLive and see if you're still getting the black frames when you use Marker for Replay shot.

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