7.3(31011) | February 23rd 2018 | First Beta Build

Good morning,


Since the new year we’ve been very busy here at Telestream working on ScreenFlow version 7.3, we wanted to try something new and do a public beta before officially releasing. We’ve changed quite a bit in this version and we’re looking for some feedback - positive or negative - that you may have. In this version we’ve redesigned our audio driver, there are multiple benefits to redesigning it. The new audio driver increases compatibility with a wider range of Mac hardware and enables capture from Bluetooth devices. ScreenFlow 7.3 also has many bug fixes and improvements. Please remember that this is a beta version and is not a representation of the final quality of the product, it could potentially have bugs and should not be used in a production environment.



•IMPROVED -Add a modifier key(Shift) to add media either in sequence or layered when adding from the Media Library or Finder to the timeline

•IMPROVED -Redesign audio driver to increase compatibility with a wider range of Mac hardware and enable capture from Bluetooth devices. If you're having issues capturing system audio with ScreenFlow on the iMac Pro, our redesigned driver should resolve your issue.


•FIXED -Able to scroll far past available transitions in Transition Inspector with Show scroll bars 'When scrolling' General preference 

•FIXED -Animated Touch Callout Actions stop working 

•FIXED -Bad file descriptor exception when saving a document with media imported from a network drive 

•FIXED -Can't Import FabFilter AU

•FIXED -Canvas resize issue with External Monitors

•FIXED -Clear In & Out Points not localized in right-click context menu

•FIXED -Clip duration shows incorrectly in clip inspector and causes issues with timeline zoom on a 60 FPS timeline

•FIXED -Data loss can occur in rare circumstances if an scc file is copied from one document to another and ScreenFlow crashes

•FIXED -Dynamic updates are not detected automatically, require ScreenFlow restart

•FIXED -Exporting with AppleTV preset causes crash

•FIXED -File duration does not get updated when replacing a file within the Global Library

•FIXED -Incorrect tool tip for "Reposition scrubber after pasting"

•FIXED -Internal Recording error when using Bluetooth as sound output

•FIXED -Option for do not show message with regard to "unable to split beginning or end of a clip"

•FIXED -Play Caption Track not localized in Shortcuts tab 

•FIXED -Recover message in rare situations does not display correctly when launching ScreenFlow after the app closes/quits unexpectedly

•FIXED -Renamed file in Global Library will not show name correctly when adding file to the timeline

•FIXED -Save copy to disk for Imgur points to the user folder instead of movies folder

•FIXED -Touch callout "interpolated state" shows on export if callout is selected in clip

•FIXED -Unable to record audio on new iMac Pro

•FIXED -Unable to save when pasting a recording from a 60 FPS document to a 30 FPS document


Click here to download ScreenFlow 7.3 (31011).

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  • Fixed the issue I had reported with the new iMac Pro not being able to capture audio that plays through the iMac Pro, such as with recording audio from a YouTube video playing in the Chrome Web Browser.. I tested the beta, and I can now select "record computer audio" in Screenflow and it actually captures the audio. Thanks!

  • HOORAY! This fixed the issue. I can now once again record screencasts and capture computer audio through my iMac Pro! I'm using macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D2102) on an iMac Pro. Tested with the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. All worked perfectly. Thank you!

  • Robert Woeger Angela Gibson

    Excellent, thanks for letting us know!

  • Lately I have been having problems getting the Audio driver to install. I even e-mailed support about it. This beta takes care of this specific problem.
    I was finally able to install the Audio driver.

    At first I tried to install the audio driver through the Configure recording screen and a message came up saying that I have to install it through the preference screen.
    An option would be to instead of the message the preference screen would automatically show up and the install automatically begin or that one could click to install the driver.
    Anyhow this time the driver installed..:)
    I made a test recording through Facebook and Youtube in Chrome, and then tested recording YouTube videoes in Safari, Opera and Firefox.
    It works nicely! Thank you.

    Btw I look forward to later on testing out doing a Screenflow recording using a bluetooth microphone.

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  • Paal Joachim Romdahl

    Thank you for your feedback, happy to hear you were able to get the new audio driver installed without issue. 

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  • I just installed the new build and it's messed up my authorisation for my purchased copy of 7.. do I need a new serial number ??

  • Andy Day

    No, you don't need a new serial number to use this version of ScreenFlow. Where did you purchase your copy of ScreenFlow? Did you get it from us or did you purchase it on the Mac App Store? 

  • I got it from you...struggling to find the original email confirmation at the moment 

  • will the old beta serial number still work ?? I have some exports i need to do this afternoon and I'm stuck in demo mode !!

  • Andy Day

    That serial number had a bad entitlement, I fixed it for you. Please attempt to activate the license again.

  • " •FIXED -Data loss can occur in rare circumstances if an scc file is copied from one document to another and ScreenFlow crashes " Woo Hoo! 

  • Awesome fix... I can now record audio. 

    Thanks guys and gals

  • And it's now officially released.

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  • Congratulations Telestream team on officially releasing 7.3. 

  • Did you guys add the ability to only choose specific channels of audio to be recorded from a Multi-channel audio interface?  Or is it still stuck with "you can mute channels, but you'll still be stuck with all channels provided by your chosen audio capture device"?

  • bump!

  • Charles Schiermeyer If you're asking about the release version of ScreenFlow please post there but you should have the program. There's no new public beta as of yet. This is the beta forum and questions should be focused on betas. ScreenFlow 7.3 was released weeks back.

  • What happened I never saw beta of 8?

  • Bo Astrup

    The team elected not to do a beta this time around due to some issues that were found (and fixed) during development. 

  • Hey Rory

    I was very surprised when I got the e-mail about the new version. It would have been nice to see the progress along the way and give feedback. Being a part of the process of creating a new version is important. One feels ownership of the product and Insiders are on the front line of spreading information about the new version.


    Do please send the insiders a nice discount for the upgrade. As we are here available for testing. Even though we were not used.

  • Would love to see Beta Builds to be brought back, as access to early features would be great for reviewers!  :)

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