Wirecast Facebook Stream Description No Line Returns

Whenever I restart Wirecast it deletes the line returns in my Facebook stream description. I have attached an image of where they should be and that is where they were before I restarted Wirecast. I currently re-enter the line returns every time I begin streaming, but would like them to be saved instead.

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  • Can yo show a screenshot with the carriage returns so we can see before/after?
    What does it look like on Facebook with/without carriage returns (and which browser)?
    Screenshots for that would be important.
    That would show us the impact of the issue.

    Wirecast 8.3?
    Windows 10?

    We need those details.

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  • It is Wirecast 8.3 on Windows 10. I have not tried streaming as of yet with leaving it without the carriage returns. Here is the screenshot of how I enter it: 

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  • Bradley Harker Please do check to see how Facebook handles it. Ultimately that's what counts since line breaks may involve invisible characters.

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  • Here is how it appears on Facebook. It shows no line breaks.

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  • Bradley Harker Since you mention losing the line breaks when you restart Wirecast, what does it look like if you stream without restarting Wirecast? It may be that Facebook isn't supporting the line breaks at all even if they're in Wirecast.

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  • Bradley Harker I just did a test. Facebook supports the line breaks if they're there in Wirecast.
    Quit and restart Wirecast and the line breaks are gone in Wirecast so they won't be in Facebook either.

    Please do report the issue and note that I've confirmed it. Wirecast does not save line breaks in descriptions but should because Facebook supports them.

    Issue is on both Windows and Mac versions of Wirecast 8.3.
    Fill out the form below. Thanks.

    Wirecast Support Form

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