Sort list by alphabetical order

I would be great to have some lists sorted by alphabetical order.
I work with a lot of medias and huge number of Texts , and it seems to be sorted by date.

An alphabetical order would be very helpful to check a media by name, quickly.

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  • Please do explain how this would work in Wirecast and how you would use it.
    In Wirecast media and text are used in shots. Media files themselves are kept externally. Wirecast doesn't have a media library so there's nothing to sort in that regard.

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  • Ok. Forgive my poor english language. Let's see some pics. Maybe they are more efficient than words.


    Talking about those lists :



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  • Thank you for that example. Do make the feature request by filling out the form. Use your screenshots to explain.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS  I don't know how to attach pictures in this form. No drag and drop.

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  • Hugues Link to this forum thread and note that it contains examples.

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