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ok, complicated question. The current setup: WC9 on PC.  External audio mixer.  PC audio output returns to mixer but not sent to output (it gets sent to studio monitors).  All of this works like a charm, EXCEPT when Im playing audio/clips as part of a shot.  The PC is not sending any shot audio to the mixer.  It hits the stream just fine, so the audience can see and hear the shot, but we cannot hear it in studio.  Im sure Im missing a setting so Im hoping someone can lead me in the right direction.  Any help?

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  • Please make sure you don't have monitoring disabled in the Wirecast shot.



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  • I think I have this same issue - my audio mp3 shots hit the stream just fine for the audience, and I can see/adjust their volume in the audio mixer window, but I can't hear the audio mp3 shot on my end in the studio. Craig - I saw your reply but I don't see the 'monitor' option in the source properties in my mp3 shot edit window. My setup: WC9 on macbook 2017 high sierra 10.13. We run two mics and a digital piano through an audio mixer that is connected to our macbook  pro through a Miktek Procast. We can hear the mics and digital piano in the studio on the audio capture shots, but not the mp3 shots. All sounds good for the audience, however. I'm sure we're missing something but not even sure how to troubleshoot.

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  • Florence Okay I fixed my issue based on what I read here: . The problem was that in my sound preferences on mac the output was on headphones.

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  • Florence True, MP3 wouldn't show the Monitor option. That's only for "live" input sources. That would not be the same problem as the original poster since they were using a mixer (live source). Yes you need to have sound output preferences set to whatever device you're monitoring with. Glad you found it.

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