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From version 9.0 I have an issue with the webcams. If I select in Wirecast a webcam I have the result as in the first picture. If I select the same webcam in webcammax and I select webcammax in Wirecast, everything works as you can see in the second picture. In version 8.XX everything works. Any idea?

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  • I haven't seen other reports of this. First update to Wirecast 9.0.1.
    There's any number of potential causes but there's not enough information.

    What webcam and what settings? What operating system?

    If you have any third party webcam drivers please remove them and make sure you are not running any other software that users webcams at the same time as Wirecast.

    Keep in mind it's possible that between the time you used version 8 and version 9 any number of other things might be updated or changed in your system.

    To confirm the difference you'd have to roll back to version 8.3 to see how it behaves under your current configuration.

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  • CraigS  - Others have indeed mentioned camera freeze during longer broadcasts if I remember correctly. My theory is that this is related to GPU and/or memory leak problems. The challenge is that this particular bug is harder to reproduce. The one with the rendezvous window resizing is 100% reproducible. It would be beneficial to try to find the root cause of that problem I think, and see if it helps to stabilise other issues as a flow on effect.

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  • Actually, disregard my comment above. I have something more concerning. I just heard back from support that the GPU in an iMac Retina 4K is not supported by wirecast. This is to me a bigger concern. My previous repeated concerns regarding performance could be possibly explained with this revelation. I have requested a table of which Mac model GPU's are supported... That might be a good resource for anyone considering using Wirecast before purchase. But as to this fault - if no GPU is being used, it is a 100% wirecast issue - with no GPU interaction to blame.

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  • Greg Kuhnert said:
    The challenge is that this particular bug is harder to reproduce.

     Yes which means there are some variables involved we need to narrow down to.

    Greg Kuhnert said:
    I just heard back from support that the GPU in an iMac Retina 4K is not supported by wirecast.

    It may depend on the functions. Do you mean encoding or Multi-Viewer for example?

    I have an iMac Pro and I can use Apple H.264 encoding and, since the included Xeon Processors don't have Intel QuickSync, it's most definitely using AMD Vega GPU for that. This is the first Mac that does that.

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  • Update: I got a GPU load graphing tool - My existing iMac 4K has a discrete GPU, and the monitoring tool confirmed it was being used... Not sure why support thought it was not being used. Anyway. Back to the point.

    Firstly, I can confirm that the symptoms in this post by Piero Castaldi  are almost 100% identical to mine from another post. I'll do more testing and share what I can when I get more data... but this is I think confirmed to be impacting both my mac's and also Piero...


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  • I have a PC I7 3930, Windows 7, 32 Gb Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. Just yesterday, I installed Wirecast 8.03 and everything worked. I uninstalled it, I installed version 9.01 and I had the issue.

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  • Piero Castaldi  I forgot: the webcams are logitech 910, and 9000 and Microsoft Cinema.

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  • Piero Castaldi Try reseting Wirecast Preferences. Wirecast > Preferences > Send Support Information but click the lower left Reset Preferences. Removing an plug in one webcam only (the one showing the problem) and restart Wirecast with a New Blank Document. If you're still seeing it, adjust a webcam setting in Wirecast (frame size would be good) and change it back to 1280x720 and see how it works.

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  • CraigS I made everything you suggested but that didn't solve the problem. Furthermore I kept just one webcam (Logitech 910) connected and that didn't solve as well.

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  • Piero Castaldi Uninstall Wirecast 9.0.1, reboot, Reinstall Wirecast 8. Test in Wirecast 8. That will determine if the issue is specific to Wirecast 9 or perhaps something else in your system has changed.

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  • I have a Logitech C910 and tested it on Wirecast 9.0.1 on my Windows 7 computer as well.

    I can certainly confirm the issue.


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  • Piero Castaldi Please do fill out the form and link to your screenshot. You can also link to mine and note that I've confirmed the issue. We'll send you a case number and we'll start investigating the fix.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • CraigS Done.

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  • Piero Castaldi Thanks. We'll work on the fix.

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  • Piero Castaldi  or CraigS  - I note that Craig has confirmed this bug impacted during his testing - I am curious if either of you can confirm if this works in 8.x? I am pulling my hair out with my own issues. I am trying to decide if going back to 8.x is the best solution, as I had other issues with that release as well.


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  • Greg Kuhnert Everything works in 8.x.x

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  • Piero Castaldi Thanks for confirming.
    Another thing to try is to uninstall Logitech's driver entirely (all their software in fact) and reboot and see how it handles with Windows 7 native driver. It might help point to where the incompatibility is.

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