Wirecast 8.1.1 Released November 17, 2017

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Link to PDF Release Notes


8.1.1 – Fixes and Improvements

• Fixed a crash that could occur when adding sources that rely on Chromi um Embedded Framework (ex. Text, Clock, Image Carousel)

• Fixed an issue causing problems connecting to certain NDI capture sources compiled against the latest NewTek NDI® SDK

• Fixed an issue causing Rendezvous source scaling to change relative to the partici pant’s available Network Bandwidth

• Fixed a crash when creating a new document on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 Beta


8.1 - New Features


NEW – Vimeo LIVE destination

NEW – Added the ability to duplicate Shot Layers via Copy and Paste within an existing Shot or as a new Shot

NEW – Added the ability to snap Shot Layers to the edges and center lines of other Shot Layers

NEW – Support for 1080p streaming to Facebook Live

NEW – Facebook Live accounts who have been given “Can Post” permissions on another account ca n now stream to the primary account’s Events and Groups

NEW – Support for Adobe Photoshop PSD image files

NEW – Added the ability to manually refresh Shot icons by right - click → Refresh Shot Icon

NEW – Now able to map Clear Layer shots to a Keyboard Shortc ut for Transitioning

8 .1 – Fixes and Improvements

• Fixed an issue that could cause video to stop encoding properly while live streaming

• Fixed an issue where Rendezvous host could lose audio input after a peer joined their session

• Fixed an issue where cr eating Replay Shots could cause the video in Preview/Live to stutter briefly

• Fixed a bug that could cause Record to Disk outputs to go out of sync while streaming at the same time

• Fixed an issue where the color picker could stop working properly in the Widget sources

• Fixed random crashes when using WebStream IP camera sources

• Fixed a random crash that could occur when outputting via NDI

• Fixed Replay recordings not scaling to fit canvas automatically when creating a new Replay Shot

• Fixed channel selection not working properly in the Audio Mixer

• Fixed inability to use Monitor Capture across two separate video adapters

• Fixed an issue where setting Canvas Size to 720x480 would result in bad video encoding

• Fixed a bug where Playlists would always transition th eir sources using Smooth when the Playlist was on the first Master Layer

• Fixed bad audio when playing back HE - AAC audio files

• Fixed a bug causing live media file playback to restart when stopping stream outputs

• Fixed a bug that caused bad QuickSync outputs when used in conjunction with other encoders

• Fixed long startup times when launching Wirecast without an internet connection

• Fixed Virtual Microphone not being uninstalled when upgrading Wirecast from an older version to a newer version

• Fixed a hang when moving a window around while a modal dialog was opened

• Fixed second transition drop - down being stuck on Smooth transitions

• Fixed certain transitions not working correctly across multiple Master Layers

• Fixed an indefinite hang when closing the Multi - viewer

• Fixed a crash when adding an ISO Shot with hotkeys

• Fixed Shot Layer position not reflecting changes made when nudging a Layer with the arrow keys

• Fixed a hang when attempting to reconnect to an NDI source that has been disconnected

• Fixed text entry field v ery small on macOS High Sierra

• Fixed Chroma Key settings not displaying properly in the UI after loading a saved document

• Fixed a random crash when creating a Keyboard Shortcut

• Fixed certain input fields not working properly with Copy/Paste/Select - All shor tcuts

• Fixed a hang that could occur when putting the computer into Sleep mode while a Playlist Shot was looping media files

• Numerous Localization string fixes

• Added the ability to add a hex color value directly to Widget sources (i.e. Text, Solid Color)


8.0 - New Features

NEW - Wirecast Rendezvous | Multi - site production with remote guests

• Easily bring in remote guests without additional hardware or software for the guest

• Send them a link and they can join on a smart device or Chrome/Firefox browser

• Add up to 2 guests in Studio, 7 guests in PRO (Note: Subject to available bandwidth)

• Screen share and Tally lights

• Companion iOS app (Wirecast Go) for mobile guests

NEW - Completely new rendering engine

• Huge performance increases

• (WIN) Upgrade to Direct 3D 11

• Added Z - rotation

• Resize, rotate, and crop handles directly in the Preview Window.

• Asset Snap - to - grid, Guidelines, and Centering.

• Add Reflection and/or Drop Shadow to any source.

NEW - Multi - Viewer Output System

• Support for up to 17 slot multi - viewer output (up to 4 in Studio) to any attached display.

• Send different configurations (1x, 2x, 4x, 10x, 17x) to different monitors.

NEW - Multi - Channel Audio Ingest

• Support for up to 16 channels of input via each connected professional audio interface, each NDI source, and/or each capture card input with embedded audio.

NEW - Multi - Track Audio Support (Pro only) – up to 8 tracks

• Multi - language streaming.

• Multi - language recordings.

• Isolate audio sources for post - production.

• Behind - the - scenes or other commenta ry track support.

NEW - Major encoding engine upgrade

• Substantially less system resource usage for most content when encoding with x264.

• Higher quality x264 encoding.

• Tighter bit rate variations when utilizing CBR (constant bit rate).

NEW - Automatic color space matrix with options for override

• No more washed out looking sources, Wirecast will auto detect the color space and apply any appropriate conversions to maintain color quality throughout the entire workflow.

NEW - NewBlue Titler Live 3

- Complete titling suite with social media titling templates, sports templates, and much more.

• Overview:

o Free live Facebook comments with Titler Live 3:

Express – Free with Wirecast 8 Studio purchase

Present – Free with Wirecast 8 Pro purchase

o Curate and push live comments from any web browser on your network.

o Animate comments as they fly in or out.

o Upgrad e to Social or Complete to add Youtube and Twitter.

o Updated, expanded, and improved Titler Live modules.

• Versions:

o Express – Free with Wirecast 8 Studio – Includes templates for many common titling needs. Does not include Title Designer.

o Sport – Sports titles and graphics, scoreboards, integration with Sportzcast live scoreboard data sources.

o Social – Display social messages through high - end, animated designs from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Even poll your audience in real - time, displaying r esults graphically.

o Present – Free with Wirecast 8 Pro – Everything you need to title and produce live shows, events, conferences, church streams, etc.

o Complete – All the above for a complete titling solution for any event.

NEW - New Transitions

• 23 include d live transitions.

• New ‘Smooth’ transition features allow curve types and animation effects like ‘spring’.

NEW - (WIN) Implement WASAPI Audio Capture

• Reduced audio latency and increased channel support compared to Direct Sound.

• Support for newer WASAPI on ly multi - channel audio devices.

NEW - (WIN) Implement ASIO Audio Ingestion

• Support for the industry standard Windows pro audio API.

NEW - (MAC) Added Syphon client support for Mac

• Improved quality and performance over macOS native functionality when capturing Syphon enabled apps on macOS (Adobe After effects and Character Animator, Many VJ tools, Unity engine, and many more).

NEW - New Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch Source

• World clock, time and date functionality - all completely customizable.

• Start, stop, and reset with the click of a mouse.

NEW - Add option to override automatic format detection in capture cards

• Now you can ov erride the automatic detection system and specify the exact setting you need for your workflow.

NEW - De - interlacing hot toggle

• De - interlacing can now be toggled per source in the moment. No need to restart the app.

NEW - Add support for .WebM files

• Suppo rt for the popular .WebM format when bringing in media files.

NEW - Add support for Sony XAVC - S video format

• Support for the popular XAVC - S format used in Sony cameras.

NEW - Replay - Option to mute audio during playback

• Now, you can set your replay files to include audio, without having to manually mute each replay clip when used in a live setting with narration. Great for enhancing your post - production workflow.

NEW - Wirecast Go iOS App

• iOS only, updated and improved

• Integrates with Rendezvous natively

• R eplaces Wirecast Cam for Lan/Wifi camera use

8.0 - Improvements & Fixes


• IMPROVED - [ Facebook] Logout option to clear security information

• IMPROVED - [Facebook] Improve filtering of the With (Sponsor) field to display better results

• IMPROVED - [Facebook] Update hyperlinks in Advanced Options to a graphical icon

• IMPROVED - [Facebook] Highlight first entry in search fields by default

• IMPROVED - [Facebook] Improve readability of highlighted text for search fields on Mac

• IMPROVED - [Faceb ook] Improve responsiveness when switching events on Mac in 8.0 builds.

• IMPROVED - [ Facebook] Add warning dialog to the "Delete Event" button

• IMPROVED - [ Facebook] Test for stale URLs (i.e. one that cannot be streamed to) when validating Facebook settings

• IMPROVED - (WIN) Put cursor at the end of the field when using Enter to accepting a search value

• IMPROVED - (WIN) Refactor Virtual Microphone / Camera Installation & Registration

• IMPROVED - Add a "Select All" menu item t o allow users to select all sources in Preview

• IMPROVED - Add a link to download Remote Desktop Presenter from the add sources menu if it isn't installed yet

• IMPROVED - Add boxed icon for virtual microphone toggle

• IMPROVED - Add Select All and Unselect All buttons to the "Edit Visible Destinations" window.

• IMPROVED - Add Twitter Source to Plus button in shot inspector

• IMPROVED - Allow simultaneous CPU and GPU buffers during output

• IMPROVED - Asynchronous media file indexing

• IMPROVED - Audio Mixer: Click 'R' to pan to 50R / Click 'L' to pan to 50L

• IMPROVED - Change arrow cursor to hand cursor when hovering over the "Click for help..." links in "Facebook Advanced Options"

• IMPROVED - Delay the "missing sources" prompt a second or two after opening a document

• IMPROVED - Do not include dynamic outputs in the logic that determines the canvas size.

• IMPROVED - Double clicking the vertical split bar between the preview and live panels should toggle between a 75% split and a 50% split

• IMPROVED - Eliminate 3 second wait when adding new video sources

• IMPROVED - Include ”http://" by default in Web Display

• IMPROVED - Increase Default Font Size & Change default color to White

• IMPROVED - Make newly added video sources scale to fit by default.

• IMPROVED - Optimize video format conversions used in ISO recording

• IMPROVED - Organize Add Source Menu

• IMPROVED - Periscope - Change the "Start Broadcast" menu item to "Go Live"

• IMPROVED - Playlists always transitions all layers rather than just the playlist layer.

• IMPROVED - Remove Blank Shot that appears with New Document

• IMPROVED - Remove Camera Preview window

• IMPROVED - Removed Apply button in Capture Card settings as it applies with changes automatically

• IMPROVED - Request: Relabel the document recovery message

• IMPROVED - Request: Replace the "Clear Layer" (Blank Shot) icon

• IMPROVED - Smaller resize range for audio mixer

• IMPROVED - Support for Viewership when streaming to multiple destinations

• IMPROVED - System Audio Capture Should say "Select Audio device: instead of "Audio Setting s"

• IMPROVED - Take out the padding around the Preview and Master audio meters

• IMPROVED - Update Twitch Encoding Settings

• IMPROVED - Use the boxed icons from the Mixer in the main UI for Monitor and Mute.

• IMPROVED - Users do not need to restart the app for deinterlacing to work



• FIXED - (HiDPI) Wirecast icon is low resolution

• FIXED - (MAC) (High Sierra) Installer text is hard to read

• FIXED - (MAC) Application becomes inaccessible if a user attempts to "Authorize" to "YouTube" while offline

• FIXED - (MAC) Audio timestamps passed to external display output plugins are broken

• FIXED - (MAC) CEF process separation caused some pages to no longer load correctly

• FIXED - (MAC) Crash with specific URL's in the "Web Display" widg et

• FIXED - (MAC) Dragging the main document UI to the minimum size causes Preview and Live to disappear when the shot editor is open

• FIXED - (MAC) OpenGL crash when opening a specific document

• FIXED - (MAC) Record to disk - ProRes Proxy codec records H.264 video

• FIXED - (MAC) Wirecast can crash when selecting a font for title text on Mac

• FIXED - (MAC) Apple H.264 hardware encoder disappears when in use

• FIXED - (Widgets) Black hex color boxes are unreadable in the "New Source Dialog" window for multiple widge t sources

• FIXED - (WIN) "Drop Shadow" font style does not match other menu options in the "Preview Inspector"

• FIXED - (WIN) "Record to Disk - Window Media" is cropped off in the "Output Statistics" window

• FIXED - (WIN) (NDI) Clicking "Reconnect" button quickly 5 or more times causes Wirecast to hang

• FIXED - (WIN) (NDI) Source doesn't always show up in the capture devices

• FIXED - (WIN) 32 - bit Virtual camera DirectShow filter fails to register

• FIXED - (WIN) Authentication error message shows up twice for s everal destinations

• FIXED - (WIN) Colors do not look right and scaling is off when capturing from YCbCr 4:2:0 video sources

• FIXED - (WIN) Crash after exiting Wirecast while tearing down DirectShow device

• FIXED - (WIN) Cursor does not change to the "pointer " hand when hovering over hyperlinks in Windows

• FIXED - (WIN) Damaged resource notification refers to Mac file type in Windows

• FIXED - (WIN) DINPro font does not work in Text Widget

• FIXED - (WIN) Encoder audio settings should be limited to 192kbps on Windo ws only

• FIXED - (WIN) External Display Output on Windows will sometimes be very pixelated

• FIXED - (WIN) Incorrect error message is displayed when attempting to record Program Replay to a read - only folder

• FIXED - (WIN) ISO recordings of DirectShow sources d o not start until the source is in the canvas (preview or live)

• FIXED - (WIN) Mouse Scroll wheel does not work in Asset Manager

• FIXED - (WIN) Output settings window not populating Taskbar or Windows Peak

• FIXED - (WIN) Pr eview/Live flickers with GeForce GTX 980M

• FIXED - (WIN) Recordings created in VLC are crashing Wirecast

• FIXED - (WIN) 'Replay+ISO', 'Replay' and 'Twitter' menu items don't have hotkey shortcut letters underlined

• FIXED - (WIN) Scrubbing the scrollbar for the 'Titles' window too fast will cause the application to hang

• FIXED - (WIN) Setting YouTube event to a pre - POSIX start date will crash the application

• FIXED - (WIN) Starting NDI or Blackmagic output with specific settings will cause crash

• FIXED - (WIN) T itles browsing will not depict thumbnails on initial launch of window

• FIXED - (WIN) Verify that AVerMedia Live Gamer HD2 GC570 works with Wirecast

• FIXED - (WIN) Windows video playback and encoded output on GTX960 is stuttering

• FIXED - (WIN) Wirecast instal ler shows when opening document from explorer

• FIXED - (WIN) YUV sources have washed out colors with NVIDIA GPUs

• FIXED - [Facebook] (WIN) Reduce jerkiness when switching between scheduling states

• FIXED - [Facebook] authentication page has scroll bars on the bottom and side

• FIXED - [Facebook] Progress indicator will not stop if user cancels authentication prematurely

• FIXED - [Facebook] refactor destination

• FIXED - [Facebook] sponsor setting does not recognize verified page properly

• FIXED - [Facebook] Text in the Description Field is a little too far right on Mac

• FIXED - [Facebook] Time box is slightly misaligned compared to the Start Date menu

• FIXED - [Facebook] Title and Description fields inherit strings from deleted events

• FIXED - [Facebook] Unable to Tab f rom Title field to Description field in Output Settings

• FIXED - [Facebook] Users can bypass the Facebook configuration validation by having another destination

• FIXED - 1080p Anamorphic setting is not 1440x1080

• FIXED - Adding audio filter de - highlights the headphones icon in the audio mixer

• FIXED - Audio bitrate settings that are not valid for the encoder are populating the list

• FIXED - Audio Effects disappear with playlist shot switching

• FIXED - Blackmagic encoder presets causing a crash

• FIXED - Changing en coder resolution with Auto Canvas breaks color controls

• FIXED - Changing the UI to show program results in black bars

• FIXED - Clear Layer can be deleted via Edit menu

• FIXED - Corrupted encoding presets could cause documents to fail to open

• FIXED - Crash in project with many duplicating titles and playlists

• FIXED - Crash when importing an MOV in QuickTime Animation format

• FIXED - Crash when switching between Audio FX and/or slider settings within the same slot

• FIXED - Cropped DP Shot does not hold settings a fter closing Wirecast

• FIXED - Cropping then moving the image causes resizing

• FIXED - Cursor rapidly switches icons during hover after adding a WebStream device to the Shot Bin

• FIXED - Default window height does not show the auto - populated shot on the 3rd layer

• FIXED - Disable keyboard shortcut for deleting a shot while the shot editor is open

• FIXED - Disconnecting secondary monitor while External Display Output is active does not terminate external viewport

• FIXED - Displ ay persists through the External Display Output after closing document

• FIXED - External Display Obscuring Wirecast on some systems when external display is unplugged

• FIXED - External Display Output only available to the first Wirecast document

• FIXED - Hang when ending stream while still recording

• FIXED - Image shifts slightly whenever the user uses the crop attribute

• FIXED - Image Slideshow source does not convert from OBS converter

• FIXED - Indefinite hang in the GlobalHotkeyMonitor

• FIXED - ISO - Segmented and Replay recordings will drop one frame in between segments

• FIXED - ISO not creating files - Bluefish 444 Epoch 4K Neutron

• FIXED - Localization: Japanese: "Channel" is not localized when certain Broadcast Destinations are selected

• FIXED - Localization: Japanese: "Refresh" does not fit within the associated button in the USB Devices window

• FIXED - Localization: Locate missing Asset prompt displays placeholder text

• FIXED - Localization: Matte selections in the Configure Visual Effects tab are not localized

• FIXED - Localization: Multiple strings are not localized in the Desktop Presenter configuration pane

• FIXED - Localization: Select Screen Region text is cut off due to line - wrapping beyond the text box

• FIXED - Localization: Text does not display properly i n the USB Devices window

• FIXED - Localization: Text is cut off on the Configure Cropping tab

• FIXED - Localization: The Wirecast Menu is not localized

• FIXED - Long audio interface names in audio mixer are being cut off

• FIXED - Minimize and maximize buttons react on mouse down rather than mouse up

• FIXED - Missing Twitch ingest servers in output settings

• FIXED - Multiple error messages generated for incorrect authentication to custom partner destinations

• FIXED - Pixelated text in lower third

• FIXED - Problems i nvalidating or updating Playlist Shot UI Tabs after the Playlist Shot is moved to another Master Layer

• FIXED - Record to Disk - MP4 x264 files have an edit list that excludes almost every frame in the first GOP

• FIXED - Remove Hitbox CDN as it no longer exi sts

• FIXED - Replay mark in displays incorrectly within the UI for ISO Recordings

• FIXED - Same shortcut won't work if assigned to multiple actions

• FIXED - Scoreboard text size is too big

• FIXED - Selecting between options on the Source Properties tab causes Video/Audio to stutter with Blackmagic devices

• FIXED - Selecting Solid Background under Text Properties Defaults to a Background with 0% Opacity

• FIXED - Selecting the currently selected External Display Output causes the output image to disappear

• FIXED - Shot - level audio settings affect other shots using the same sources

• FIXED - Strict CBR sometimes fluctuates more than it should

• FIXED - Support for Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

• FIXED - Text Properties Background Color - Auto Switching to None

• FIXED - Text Properties window contents can be highlight selected

• FIXED - Text Tool - Clicking on Shadow Attribute Sliders does not apply correctly

• FIXED - TextField - Undo/Redo doesn't always function

• FIXED - The aspect rati o of a text source can become corrupted in certain situations

• FIXED - The mix minus and mute state is not being updated between the Audio Mixer and Source Properties

• FIXED - There are too many encoding templates to display them all in the Output Settings d ialog's Encoding popup menu

• FIXED - Tooltip for create replay shot button is "Update Replay Shot"

• FIXED - Twitch output configuration is sluggish in the "Output Settings"

• FIXED - Unable to access the "Output Settings" while outputting to "Virtual Camera Ou t"

• FIXED - Update Monitor Checkbox to button in mixer

• FIXED - Update Twitch API to V5

• FIXED - Video can stutter on some occasions with Replay Templates

• FIXED - Virtual Camera not working in Skype

• FIXED - When attempting to connect to Facebook, re - clicking the stream button causes hang

• FIXED - When modifying the Output Settings you need to press Create in the Facebook config

• FIXED - Wirecast 6.0.5 Update Can't Stream Audio with Sample Rates <44.1KHz

• FIXED - Wirecast/Ustream will crash if audio mixer is prese nt when first opening

• FIXED - With certain equipment workflows, audio dropouts can occur during shot switching

• FIXED - x264 Encoding Produces Increasing/Excessive Keyframes

• FIXED - x264 Outputs with a resolution of 480x270 can cause the encoder to fail


Known Issue(s):

• (WIN) Canvas Sizes of NTSC 480 or PAL 576 can result in a corrupt output on Windows machines using an encoding method other than Intel Quick Sync. This should be fixed in the first bug fix release.

Click here for information on a simple workaround.


• (WIN) Windows 7 users require the Windows 7 Platform Update.

Click here for more information.


• (MAC) Initiating a stream with a still, complex color image can result in the stream not publishing correctly.

Click here for information on a simple workaround.


Version 8.0 contains hundreds of bug fixes, not all of which can be listed here. There are also additional user interfac e/user experience enhancements, and vast improvements to the general stability and performance of the application that are not able to be listed here.

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