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We're having an audio issue using Rendezvous with Wirecast 8 and Wirecast Go/Rendezvous with iPad Pro as a remote camera.  Everything is working as expected, except for this: when we connect with our remote camera (iPad), the audio for our main studio shot disappears.  Once connected with Rendezvous, we can hear our remote guest (on our same wifi network), and he can hear us.  But our studio cam/audio - which works perfectly when not connected to a Rendezvous session - are somehow muted and we can't figure out how to get that studio audio back unless we disconnect the Rendezvous session.  We have been running a school morning news show successfully on Wirecast Play on MacBook Pro touchbar, using an iPad Pro and the old Wirecast Cam app as our remote camera.  This Rendezvous thing seems cool, and the steps to use it work, except for this audio issue.  Thanks for any help someone can offer!

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  • Thanks for those details. I've seen an odd audio issue as well where the host audio is in Rendezvous Dashboard but the audio isn't there in the Shot. It seems the safest thing to do is add another audio source (two mics) for the host. Obviously this is an awkward workaround though.

    Can you please describe the audio source for the Rendezvous host shot as well as the sources for your main studio shot?

    Is the iPad video and audio coming through in both Rendezvous Dashboard and in the shot you create for it in the Master Layer?

    This info can help us investigate the issue.

  • Thank you for looking into this, Craig.  For our Rendezvous shot, we have used an iPad Pro and just the iPad Pro internal microphone.  We have external mics available for our iPad Pro, but those were giving us no sound at all previously with Rendezvous.  I haven't tried our external mics lately, but can do that this week. For our main studio shot, we use a Logitech Video Cam and a Yeti mic - both USB connected to our MacBook Pro with Touchbar.

    The iPad video and audio is coming through the shot in the Master Layer, but I'm not sure about the Rendezvous dashboard.  I will test that and report back.  I will tell you that the very second Rendezvous connects, the main studio shot audio disappears, even before the shot is added to any layer.  I've also tried varying the layers to see if that makes a difference - it doesn't.

    To clarify your suggestion "add another audio source (two mics) for the host" - do you mean use 2 microphones in our main studio?  So we'd use our current Yeti and another mic as well? 

    We appreciate all your efforts. The new Wirecast 8 is such a vast improvement over our previous version.  The streaming clarity is AMAZING and the user interface is top notch!  We look forward to getting this issue resolved so we can resume our remote camera segments. As a fix, I did look today at the NewTek NDI Camera app for our iPads, but that would require us to purchase that additional app and upgrade further to Wirecast Pro.

    Thanks again, Craig!

  • Patti Weiss said:
    To clarify your suggestion "add another audio source (two mics) for the host" - do you mean use 2 microphones in our main studio?

     If the Wirecast Rendezvous host is using a mic then I use a different mic for the host in the Master Layer. It seems that sometimes the host audio won't otherwise be both in Rendezvous and the Host Master Layer Shot.

    Do fill out the form and describe your setup. We're working on under what variations do these "missing audio" circumstances occur as we work on the fix.

    Your details can really help us fix this.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • CraigS 

    Hi, again, Craig,

    I filled out the form yesterday and just got this response back:


    Hi Patti,

    Thank you for your reply. This is regarding your support case referencing: Audio issue with Wirecast Go.

    Rendezvous is not supported on an iPad or iPad pro. Only supported on iphones. That could be why your getting these errors.

    Best regards,
    Telestream Desktop Support

    Issue Summary:
    We've been using Wirecast Play and Wirecast Cam for a remote camera with great success.  With the upgrade to Wirecast 8 and Wirecast Go, we can't seem to keep all our audio working while utilizing a Rendezvous session.  In our studio, nothing has changed:  MacBook Pro with USB Logitech video camera and USB Yeti mic work fine.  However, when we initiate Rendezvous using our iPad Pro, we can hear each other back and forth from the iPad, but the studio audio disappears.  Even if we delete the Rendezvous session, we have to completely quit Wirecast 8 and restart a new document to bring the audio back for the studio.  I have a feeling this is user error somehow, but have read the message boards, watched videos, and tested and retested different options with no success.  Thanks for any help you can provide!  Patti


    If this is true - that only iPhones are supported in Renezvous -  that we cannot  successfully broadcast remotely with our iPads within Wirecast 8, then we've paid for an upgrade but actually taken a step backwards in functionality.  Our students have to use the school iPads to record; iPhones are not a viable alternative for us. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts, Craig.

  • Patti Weiss Let's make sure iPad support is added as a feature request then.
    We should make note that this is a loss of functionality since Wirecast Cam supported iPads.
    LP  will document that for you in WIREMOB-8 (our log for this feature).

  • I appreciate that.  Are there any work arounds or alternative remote cam ideas that can be utilized in the meantime?  Our students are missing reporting remotely from the classrooms around the school.  Thanks!

  • Patti Weiss There's an NDI app but it's expensive at $20. Hopefully we can work on this quickly.

  •  Patti Weiss , according to Telestream's own marketing video, any smart device with an LTE or Wifi connection should work with Rendezvous. Here's a link to their own video communicating this at the 1:02 mark in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWnwjC6U_9k and here's a link to their own press release communicating this: http://www.telestream.net/company/press/2017-09-06-WC8.htm

    Based on Telestream's own claims in their promotional materials for Rendezvous, you should be able to use Rendezvous on your iPads and this should not require an added feature request -- nor should you have to purchase an NDI app. 

    Simply stated, for many users, Wirecast 8 is not delivering on what was promised, particularly (but not exclusively) when it comes to Rendezvous.

    Several other Wirecast 8 users, myself included, as well as beta testers, have raised the audio and other Rendezvous issues with Telestream, and contrasted the responses Telestream is now providing to these concerns with the claims made in their promotional videos and press releases that I've linked to above (as well as others). 

    I encourage you to follow a thread about issues iOS device users (as well as other device users) have been having with Rendezvous and share your thoughts and experiences here: https://telestreamforum.forumbee.com/t/80flr7/ios-devices-and-wirecast-8

  • Patti Weiss Which model iPads are you using. So far the 10.5" iPad Pro has problems but 9.7" may work (although not officially supported yet).

  • Mike G Thanks for posting that stream link.  Following!

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  • CraigS We are using 9.7 iPad Pros.

  • CraigS Craig, I would be willing to consider the NDI app at $20, but don't I need Wirecast Pro to use that?  I have Wirecast 8.

  • CraigS How and why is it that Telestream Support is advising Wirecast 8 users that iPads are not supported for Rendezvous, and that only iPhones are supported, when the marketing materials indicate otherwise, per Telestream's own press releases and promotional videos as noted above in this thread and on several other threads in this forum?  Why are there so many disparate and contradictory messages being delivered by Telestream representatives -- be they by marketing/brand representatives, technical support representatives, and posts by company representatives on these user forums?

  • Patti Weiss Wirecast Studio supports NDI in. Wirecast Pro adds support for NDI out. It would work with Studio. We are investigating getting this to work with iPad though.

    We've had reports that Wirecast Go will work with iPad 9.7" Pro. 
    You won't get the iPad Rendezvous shot in a Master layer unless you get it in Dashboard.

    It shouldn't have any impact on any other cameras though.

  • Patti Weiss 

  • Mike G The tech people are working with the marketing people on that issue. iPad support is still being investigated. Compounding the issue is that App Store lists iPads as supported. They work with Wirecast Go for streaming but not for Rendezvous and this may be the root of the confusion.

  • CraigS  I still need an immediate solution to replacing Wirecast Cam for a remote camera.  So the NewTeck NDI Camera app for $20 gets very mixed reviews.  Are you saying you are still investigating it getting to work with iPad?  If this doesn't work, what other solutions might you have for us?  I'm so sad that our students who signed up to broadcast remotely have no access to do so currently - all because we paid extra money to Telestream to "upgrade" our software.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Patti Weiss said:
    Are you saying you are still investigating it getting to work with iPad? 

     Yes. There are some things we need to investigate though.
    Sorry about the way this was handled on our part.

  • CraigS  Thank you for the kind words, Craig.  Please let me know if you have any solutions for me to try.

  • Patti Weiss I'm wondering if there's a way you can get on a beta test list given the need. Perhaps fill out the Support Form again specifically ask to beta test a badly needed solution. Explain your situation and need.

  • If I can jump in here.  I am having a similar problem to Patti's.  We're live streaming for our church and bring in the audio from our sound board into Wirecast Pro 8.  As soon as a Rendevouz connection is established.  The audio cuts out and Wirecast has to be restarted to gain the audio back.  I was using an iPhone 7 to connect to Wirecast Go.  I've also tried establishing a rendezvous connection with another computer to share a screen and we get the same results.  So I'm not sure it's the iPads.

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  • Josh Kinsley I've had issues on multiple devices (iPhone SE, laptop with both Chrome and Safari browsers, iPad) with Rendezvous and have reported those issues on these forums, and directly to Telestream Support (several weeks ago with no resolution or follow-up from Telestream Support to the issues I experienced -- despite the fact that I've followed up with them).  Here's one thread on this forum where others have shared similar concerns; there are other threads as well:  https://telestreamforum.forumbee.com/t/80flr7/ios-devices-and-wirecast-8

  • Wirecast Go 2.0.2 was released a few days ago and we did some backend server related work so it should be working with iPhone 7 on iOS 11.0.3.

    I've tested with iPhone 7 on both local Wifi and LTE and both connected with video and audio without issue.

  • CraigS I tried this again today and the issue still exist. I do have the updated version of Wirecast Go. Let me try to be as detailed as I can. I know you can’t read my mind! Haha. 


    What we we do is bring our sound board into our brand new iMac running wirecast pro 8. This is done by running an out from our sound board into our computer with a Shure digital XLR to USB converter. We can be running a full performance or just an audio track from Spotify and when we open a rendezvous session that audio cuts out completely. As I stated before, I’ve done this with running a computer-to-computer session by sharing a screen and a computer-to-wirecast go session. During the computer-to-computer session Audio cuts out completely. During the computer-to-wirecast go session the audio cut out on Wirecast on my Mac but I could hear the audio on my iPhone 7 in the wirecast go app. What I want to do is use the wirecast go  app as an extra camera.  So the sound still needs to be coming through Wirecast on my Mac.  Even by deleting the shot or shutting down the rendezvous session. The audio does not come back. I have to shut down wirecast and restart the program. 


    Just wondering if if others are having this issue. Sounds like Patti Weiss is. Hoping I can help by letting you know what’s not working so maybe a fix can be found.

  • Josh Kinsley said:
    We can be running a full performance or just an audio track from Spotify and when we open a rendezvous session that audio cuts out completely.

     Just so I understand "the audio" is the audio from XLR to USB convertor's Shot in Wirecast? 
    This happens when.... you start Rendezvous Dashboard, you add Wirecast Go to Dashboard, you add Wirecast Go Rendezvous shot to a Layer, to any audio in the Live Shot, etc.?

    Josh Kinsley said:
    During the computer-to-wirecast go session the audio cut out on Wirecast

     So it's the Wirecast Go audio in Wirecast? 

    Sorry for the confusion but I need an exact sequence to clarify which audio is cutting out when and where are you monitoring at that point.

    I ask because I use an MXL XLR to USB device. In my case the host (my) audio is audible to guests in Rendezvous Dashboard but is not audible when I add the same webcamera and audio to a Master Layer shot (and this does not always happen).

    Basically I need info about the audio in the shots in the Master layer.
    What you are doing in Rendezvous.
    When the audio (which audio) cuts out where.

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