ScreenFlow not releasing disk space after quit

I use ScreenFlow on a Macbook Air so my recordings don't get interrupted and I can work on my main Mac. The Air has a smallish SSD so I set the cache to an external drive. But with this software I've always had issue with it hogging startup/system disk space.

What I tend to do is record say a seminar and without saving it, export it immediately to a smaller sized QT file. However, when I try to close the file without saving it, ScreenFlow insists on trying to write it to disk, which will just hang the whole system, so I have to force quit.

The issue is that ScreenFlow seems to be using a hidden scratch space on the SSD  which it won't release, or doesn't release after reboot so it just accumulates hidden crud somewhere. Not in the visible cache (Library/Cache/Telestream...)

I invariably have to wipe the drive and reinstall everything. The lost space is not visible. When I add up all the space used there is at least half a dozen GB that are 'missing' that only reappear when the drive is wiped and reinstalled.

Does anyone know how to look for and delete the hidden stuff that ScreenFlow may not have released?


Yosemite using SF 4.5.4

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  • You may want to download the free EasyFind and search to see if the temp .scc (screen recording file) is being saved.

    This technique might also find a hidden temp file.

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  • Craig S - does EasyFind perform a more extensive search than just using Finder?  I am able to search and find .scc files, but the only ones I'm seeing are on my external drive that I have setup as my default cache. 

    My startup disk, like Russell's, is continuing to fill up with data that I cannot see.  Does that make sense?  Would the startup disk fill up with temp data, even if you have another disk set to default as cache in preferences?



  • Mookie Bivouac said:
    does EasyFind perform a more extensive search than just using Finder? 


    Mookie Bivouac said:
    My startup disk, like Russell's, is continuing to fill up with data that I cannot see.

     That issue should be improved with ScreenFlow 8. 

  • CraigS Does Screenflow create temp files on one’s Mac OS startup disk, even if in settings one selects alternate storage for the cache?

  • Mookie Bivouac The behavior may be different depending on the version of ScreenFlow. At one time auto backups could fill the drive. Please update to 8 and test. You can use the free trial and test. After done, reboot the computer as that would usually get rid of temp files.

  • CraigS Ok, thank you.

  • Mookie Bivouac You're welcome of course.

  • Hi there, I am having the same issue and I have been using Screenflow 8. One time I restarted the computer and it worked. But recently it has not been releasing the scratch space. I followed all the instructions but cannot find any temp files and have used the suggested software EasyFind to see if it could find any hidden .SCC and it couldn't find anything either. I do video work so wiping my hard drive is not an option as it would take me two days to reinstall all my plugins and programs. 

  • Jason said:
    I have been using Screenflow 8.

     The current version is 10.0.5. Updates include fixes. When having an issue the first thing you should do is test the current version. Trial version is always free. Development has stopped on older versions. Please update. Please make sure your version is compatible with your macOS as well. ScreenFlow 8 is not compatible with either Big Sur or Monterey. Earlier OSs are no longer supported.

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