2 Separate Audio monitors?

Hi Everyone,

For a while now we have been producing sports webcasts, but only recently have we been adding more video elements and commercials. We currently have the audio setup so that the camera op can hear the full audio mix, however we would like to be able to feed the audio from videos and music from wirecast to the commentators. 

Is there a way to have two separate audio feeds (one complete mix going to camera op) and another go to the commentators, minus their microphones? Would extra equipment (such as an extra sound device) need to be purchased? Right now we are using an analog mixer fed into wirecast via line in for microphones, and have main audio fed via headphones out to a headphone splitter for camera op(s) and other crew.


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  • Some will use a hardware mixer and send different mixes out as needed but this would precede Wirecast.

    Wirecast does have on Mix Monitor out which can be "mix minus" removing certain sources from the monitor that are still in the final feed.

    While the idea of having multiple separate monitoring mixes is interesting I'm not sure how that would work unless the computer had multiple separate outputs one could designate.

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  • Thanks. I have done this in years past since all our video and audio were always feed into wirecast by external hardware, but haven't had the need to offer our commentators this option until recently so I never really looked at it that much on the software side. 

    Thanks again

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  • Mark You're welcome of course, what you monitor and what the encoder sends can be different (Wirecast does have mix minus) but that would be the only bifurcation as one is sent via the encoder and the other the computer out. One would probably need multiple sound cards for multiple separate mixes out which is not standard to most computers.

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  • Again. Most of the issues will be gone if you add a real matrix mixer.

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  • Jens Jarke Perhaps time to follow up on your feature request given the developers' interest in audio improvements.

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  • Mark Using the Aux sends is how I set up separate mix-minus to feed individual needs.  I run Aux1 to a headphone amp for the PxP, Aux2 goes to a hp amp for my Color, Aux3 feeds the wireless for Sideline, etc.

    If you have any questions on this, please let me know. 

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  • Ryan Oler Good example of mixer sub mix aux out. Thanks. 

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  • Oh, BTW...  I don't carry multiple HP amps.  I have a Rane HC-6 which has independent  inputs.

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  • Thanks for the mixer suggestions. We have done that in the past when all our sources were mixed before going into wirecast, but the software monitor thing was a bit questionable for me.

    So I guess in theory, I could use another USB audio interface for output and select monitor for the sources I want and feed that to the mixer via an aux so our commentators can here. Then that would leave the main mix coming from the onboard audio for our tech crew?

    Sorry for this sounding so basic but I rarely have access to our wirecast encoders and equipment to try things out before production time.

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  • I would run an output from your computer back to your mixer.  Fader down, use just the Aux to send it.  If you have Aux's that can run levels pre-fader.

    Make sure you are only sending this Mix-Plus to the crew and NOT the announcers, or they will hear themselves with a bit of delay.  This could be as simple as the HP jack out of the computer fed back into the mixer with a 1/4" jack.

    So in this scenario, I would probably run Aux 1 pre-fader to the crew, and maybe Aux 3 to the talent.

    If you go the way you were thinking, you will need another USB interface, and you may start running into USB bus problems.  Plenty on the board here about multiple USB devices on the same bus.....

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  • Ryan Oler Good advice and especially good warning about USB bus issues.

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  • Ryan Oler Currently we are using an analog mixer (mackie 802vlz4). It has one aux (select pre or post fade). We take main left and right out, into line-in on the motherboard built-in sound card. We are not using any USB audio devices at the moment.


    Would using a USB audio interface such as a simple usb audio interface like this one linked below cause issue? Other than keyboard, mouse and an x-keys we don't use any other usb devices during production. 



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  • If you aren't using any other USB devices you should be ok with that box.  I took a look at your mixer, you might want to look into a 1402 or a 1642 for the extra Aux sends.

    For NFL games I run a Presonus 24.4.2 because I have all the Aux sends I need, when I am running smaller shows on one of my Mackies, like boxing or MMA, I send a Pgm feed out to the crew intercom.

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  • Ryan Oler Interesting information. It would be interesting if you wrote up an overview of one of your more complex workflows with Wirecast. I think a lot of users would benefit. 

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  • I have the same setup as Ryan but now im moving to a LiveU for my encoding/streaming. Issue i have now is the audio interface needs changing to HDMI to send audio in to the LiveU. This means the external soundcard thats attached only works as an input now! How can i make the pgm audio go out via HDMI and my External SoundCard so my presenters and the production crew can hear any videos played??

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  • You can set your hdmi monitor as the output device in wirecast audio mixer. An alternative - and if you need a one to many distribution - you can install Dante Via and route your audio from wirecast to wherever and whatever your I/Os and apps are.

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  • Steve Matthews Jens has good suggestions.


    Also if you have Wirecast Pro you can use a Blackmagic Output Card to set Program out which is separate than Monitor (GPU) out.

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  • CraigS i use an external USB sound card in the mac along with a quad hdmi output gpu. I just need audio out down the soundcard and hdmi but cant seem to make both work. its one or the other

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  • Steve Matthews Have you tried using Wirecast > Preferences > General > Audio Interface?  It's quite possible sound will still be directed to a single out. 

    You may need to put in a feature request for Wirecast to support multiple separate sound outputs.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS that I’ve changed to hdmi if I was to change that to external USB card and then in mixer output change the output to HDMI will that work???? 

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  • Steve Matthews You may need to experiment but you could find out with a quick test.

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