Remember Position even when not Live greyed out on Playlist


In regular switching I am able to use "Remember position even when not live" and it works great for me as I put in long content streams.  However I need for this to work this way with the Playlist.  In playlist this option is greyed out and any prerecorded playback is forced to start from the beginning each time- any way this can be fixed? (give me the choice in the playlist)


My setup Windows 7 64 Wirecast 6.0.8

i7 970, 24 GB RAM

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  • See Page 150 of the User Guide

    Restoring Playlist Position

    Checking the Restore Previous Active Shot check box causes the playlist to remember which shot was playing (and its position) when the playlist is taken live. 

    Without checking the Restore Previous Active Shot, the playlist always starts from the first shot.

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  • Hi-

    Thanks for the quick reply.  I think you might misunderstand what I was asking- I'm not looking for the p,stylist to continue where it left off, but contents within the playlist.  Alas that checkbox does not solve my issue.  

    When I make a playlist that includes some live shots and some prerecorded shots, I want the prerecorded shots to act as if they where in the main layered switching area, where  "remember position even when not live"  is not greyed out (as it is when put in the playlist).  I want the playlist to switch to a live clip, and when it switches to a prerecorded clip, it "remembers position even when not live" and does not start playing the clip from the beginning, but from where it left off playing (as when live switching)

    Thanks- I hope I can solve this playlist issue- Does the playlist work better in version 7?

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  • Davy Force since developed has stoped for 6 series, please download the free trial of version 7.3, create a new document and test. I believe that behavior hasn't changed though. Once you test and confirm I'll post the link for the feature request since any changes would happen in 7 series and beyond.

    In Playlist you're going one clip to the next the subsequent clip would be a new clip even if it was the same clip used again. You might be able to control it with setting in and out points but I haven't tested that.

    This is how Playlist looks in Wirecast 7.


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  • CraigS 

    Yes- I realize now that's what it is doing.  So I guess this is just another 'advanced playlist- scheduling etc" feature request.  I have gone back to shotkicker which does exactly what I need which is to automate changing shots just as if you were manually switching from the main interface.  But obviously it's stopped development and will eventually not be compatible at all.  But yes a more robust playlist with more features is what I'm afraid I need.  I'm trying to automate for long periods of time and ultimately would want love a scheduler option as well.  Basically combining station automation and wirecast.  If you know any other similar tools (to shotkicker) people are using to automate WC switching please pass it on- (midi? etc?)


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  • Davy Force Do make the feature request and you may even bring up shotkicker in case the developers want to have a look for idea. Do give a detailed list of features you'd like to see in playlist with explanations of how you'd use them. 

    Also submit a request for scheduling. Wirecast can be scripted now but in might be daunting for some people.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • Submitted that Enhanced Playlist and Scheduler feature request.

    Meanwhile- I'm curious about other forms of automation- mainly Keyboard Shortcut triggering or MIDI (might go through same route?)  This would work for me but Are keyboard shortcuts still limited to 10 in WC 7?  Is there any other recent third party developer wirecast tools (besides wirecast tools unless theyve updated) that could help me trigger these shots for automation?




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  • You can create any number of your own custom keyboard shortcuts. Download the free trial of Wirecast 7.4 and test first hand. I'm not sure if there are new third party developer tools as such people are usually quick to post in the forum to let users know of them. A quick web search might find something if they exist.

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