Navigation sluggish after 3.1 update

Just updated to Switch 3.1 from the Mac App Store and file navigation has become extremely sluggish. Jumping to a timecode or clicking somewhere on the timeline takes 5-10 seconds to process. This occurs with different file formats, both local and remote. macOS 10.11.6.

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  • What source files (codecs) have you tested and of what duration? We're investigating the pattern on this.

    Please do fill out the form and report the issue providing as much specifics as possible.

    Switch Support Form

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  • ProRes (including 444, 422, Proxy) is the worst offender. Sometimes jump-to-timecode doesn't even work. I've also tested H264, which behaves a bit better but navigation is slower than the previous build. Jump-to-timecode is a hit or miss.


    Thanks, I've submitted a support request. 

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  • Thanks for those details. We'll work on improving this of course.

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    • DC-W
    • 3 mths ago
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    I'm seeing the same issue with 3.1

    Behavior is the same with DNXHD too. 


    Even stepping thru frame-by-frame is extremely sluggish. Hitting play after pausing usually brings on a few skipped frames and putting the audio and video out of sync.

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  • I reached out to support a few weeks ago per CraigS's instructions, and they confirmed the seeking/navigation issue in 3.1. It sounded like a fix/update was imminent, but I still haven't seen any update in the Mac App Store.

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  • DC-W Trevor  we are working on improving this. Sorry for the wait. Generally the update on our website happens a little before the MAS version because the store version has to go through Apple's approval process.

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  • Any update on this? I see that the non-MAS version of Switch has been updated to 3.2, but I am still stuck on 3.1, because I purchased my Switch Pro via the Mac App Store, and it has not been updated to 3.2. The scrubbing sluggishness is killing me!

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  • Mel Matsuoka you can download the trial version of Switch from our site and test. Put the App Store version in a folder to keep it safe from being overwritten.

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  • Mel Matsuoka always good to look at our release notes to see what we've fixed. I always post the release notes shortly after an update so user can read through fixes and enhancements.

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  • CraigS I'm aware of the Release Notes...I was just wondering why the MAS version has not been updated? I purchased the MAS version for the convenience of using Switch on my workstation in my office, as well as on my home machine when I bring work home with me. 

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  • Mel Matsuoka Alas the MAS version is in the hands of Apple. They have an approval process so sometimes that version is delayed. I'll see if I can find any info on the delay on that end.

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  • Mel Matsuoka Contact support via this form and let them know you have MAS version of Switch 3.1 and they'll give you details. Let me know how it turns out.

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