Wirecast 8.3 Released February 14, 2018

  • 4 yrs ago

Link to PDF Release Notes

8.3 – New Features

NEW – RTMPS support for Facebook Live
NEW – Improved the layout for Rendezvous guests
NEW – Implemented the ability to send video output from a document to Rendezvous users

8.3 – Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed numerous issues with Blackmagic audio dropping or a/v sync problems, especially during extended broadcasts

  • Added a custom image import option to Shot Layer Mattes drop-down menu

  • Added a link to the forum in the Controllers section of the Preferences

  • Disabled the ability to set strict CBR for apple h264 as it has no effect

  • Enable RTMPS support for Facebook destination

  • Enabled using the circle center-point to move assets in Preview

  • Improved Master/Go button for APC40ii and Launchpad controllers

  • Improved transition representation for APC40ii and Launchpad controllers

  • Round input values in Video Properties to 1 decimal place instead of whole integers

  • Show active audio channel lights for APC40ii and Launchpad controllers

  • Disabled 'Open Output Settings' menu item when no documents are open

  • Disabled right clicking when picking chroma key color

  • Disabled the ability to delete a shot while it is being dragged on Windows(caused a crash)

  • Disabled the Facebook ‘Refresh’ button while a refresh network operation is in progress

  • Fixed a 1 pixel bar that was present on Top/Left sides of outputs

  • Fixed a CPU spike that occurred when changing the audio track in the Facebook output settings

  • Fixed a crash on macOS that would occur intermittently when adding a screen capture and changing the source type to ‘Game’

  • Fixed a crash that would occur with certain transitions when transitioning to a blank shot twice in rapid succession

  • Fixed a hang that occurred when adding a Bonjour IP Camera source

  • Fixed a Mac issue where certain transitions would cause a rendering bug when used before other transitions

  • Fixed a macOS High Sierra issue where the main document UI would transition poorly when restored from a minimized state

  • Fixed a Windows issue where the CEF widget settings viewport would increase width/height by 1px on change

  • Fixed a Windows issue where the Live/Preview canvas would flicker when opening the Shot Inspector with an active output

  • Fixed an exception that was thrown when closing a Wirecast document after changing CoreAudio device input settings in Audio MIDI Setup

  • Fixed an incoherent message occasionally thrown at launch when localized in Chinese

  • Fixed an intermittent hang that occurred when stopping an output

  • Fixed an issue on Windows where Direct Show were missing the Pretty Name and Video Delay setting

  • Fixed an issue reported by Matthew Potter where multi-viewer output transitions would flash on all layers https://telestreamforum.forumbee.com/t/h4130f

  • Fixed an issue where a source would “disappear” from the add source list if the Pretty Name is set to an empty string

  • Fixed an issue where playlists would become indefinite after an image was added

  • Fixed an issue where replay shots caused preview to flicker when multiple ISO replays were recording

  • Fixed an issue where the live shot was not set to 'changed state' when drop shadow is toggled

  • Fixed audio cutting out after a guest joins Rendezvous session on Mac

  • Fixed audio cutting out when switching shots

  • Fixed countdown timer couldn’t be set to less than 5 minutes

  • Fixed cropped screen capture dimensions become 1x1 when minimized

  • Fixed Facebook Scheduled events not showing up for some users

  • Fixed incorrect duration for MP4 AAC audio only recordings

  • Fixed Live audio shots reset when switching shots in another Master Layer

  • Fixed the vertical alignment of the Source Name field in the Image Carousel configuration window

  • Localized multiple strings in the Multi-Track Input Mapper

  • Optimized copying/pasting manually created sources

  • Removed ability to change live icon FPS as it did not work

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