Adding placeholders for video sources

I am trying to set up custom templates for news feed via Facebook Live. This is briefly shown in the tutorial video "Rendezvous - Part 1" (see screenshot) 

I have added media files (like the A & B placeholders in this screenshot) to my shot to use and replace with either a video capture device or Rendezvous session but I can't seem to get the drop down menu that appears here.

I am currently using a MacOS on High Sierra and my version of Wirecast is v 8.2.0.

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  • Right Click on the Placeholder with the mouse.


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  • CraigS The right-click doesn't seem to be working in this case. Right-click will work everywhere else in the program except for over shot layers. Could this be an issue with the program?

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  • Josephine Moore It works on our end so as expected. It may be something about your config.

    Try reseting Wirecast Preferences. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on lower left Reset Preferences. Please test with a New Blank Document.

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  • CraigS I have followed these steps, but still nothing. Any other suggestions?

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  • Josephine Moore Try uninstalling and Reinstalling Wirecast. 

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  • When ever I try to replace a placeholder with a video stream I have to resize the video to fit the area I want. Is there a way so that it scales to the size of the placeholder?


    Because if it doesn't, it doesn't seem like there is a whole lot of use for placeholders because I still have to go through the effort of re-sizing and setting up each shot. 

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  • It seems like the placeholders are closer to a 4:3 aspect ratio than 16:9 so if I stretch the placeholders to fit the 16:9 frames then when I bring in my 16:9 video it get overly stretched out, and I have to resize it down if that makes sense? 

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  • Adam Zimmer You've accurately described placeholders as they currently work. They don't cause sources to confirm. You have to do that after the fact in Shot Layer Properties (Scale and Crop functions). Basically they just the position. Please do make a feature request to change their behavior.

    Wirecast Feature Request

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