Adding placeholders for video sources

I am trying to set up custom templates for news feed via Facebook Live. This is briefly shown in the tutorial video "Rendezvous - Part 1" (see screenshot) 

I have added media files (like the A & B placeholders in this screenshot) to my shot to use and replace with either a video capture device or Rendezvous session but I can't seem to get the drop down menu that appears here.

I am currently using a MacOS on High Sierra and my version of Wirecast is v 8.2.0.

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  • Right Click on the Placeholder with the mouse.


  • CraigS The right-click doesn't seem to be working in this case. Right-click will work everywhere else in the program except for over shot layers. Could this be an issue with the program?

  • Josephine Moore It works on our end so as expected. It may be something about your config.

    Try reseting Wirecast Preferences. Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on lower left Reset Preferences. Please test with a New Blank Document.

  • CraigS I have followed these steps, but still nothing. Any other suggestions?

  • Josephine Moore Try uninstalling and Reinstalling Wirecast. 

  • When ever I try to replace a placeholder with a video stream I have to resize the video to fit the area I want. Is there a way so that it scales to the size of the placeholder?


    Because if it doesn't, it doesn't seem like there is a whole lot of use for placeholders because I still have to go through the effort of re-sizing and setting up each shot. 

  • It seems like the placeholders are closer to a 4:3 aspect ratio than 16:9 so if I stretch the placeholders to fit the 16:9 frames then when I bring in my 16:9 video it get overly stretched out, and I have to resize it down if that makes sense? 

  • Adam Zimmer You've accurately described placeholders as they currently work. They don't cause sources to confirm. You have to do that after the fact in Shot Layer Properties (Scale and Crop functions). Basically they just the position. Please do make a feature request to change their behavior.

    Wirecast Feature Request

  • Adam Zimmer  and CraigS   I found a way to make it work. The place holders as you said do hold the place and normally when you replace them with footage the footage is MUCH bigger than the place holder. But after doing some experimenting I found that when I scale the place holder and then replace it with footage, the footage also scales to that amount. Thus, I know I want my rendezvous guests to be at 34% when I bring them into the shot. So I scale my placeholder to that size. Then when I replace the placeholder with the footage they are coming in at exactly the right size. 

    The next trick was to get them in the proper location. I logged into rendezvous from my cell phone and again from a PC (just to see if there would be any difference. I lined up the shots where I wanted them and then turned the video into place holders. You can locate the placeholder files in the wirecast resources folder (telestream --> wirecast --> resources --> a.jpg or b.jpg etc.). Now the placeholders are exactly where they need to be so whenever I convert them to a rendezvous guest, they are the correct size and in the correct location where I need them to be. I saved this as a shot and it functions like a template. All I have to do is change the placeholder to the guests video and everything works as it should. I do not have to resize or change anything every time I start a new session. The template works! I tried this just to make sure having other people call in from different phones. One with an I Phone, I called in with a Samsung, one person called in with a webcam, I tried from an HP PC, and all the videos remain at the size I scaled them to. So that confirms this method works with many different kinds of cameras. 

    Hope this helps someone in need. I was searching for days for an answer to this problem. 

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  • John Spellman Thanks for that detailed explanation. Please do consider making a feature request to make this workflow easier (matching placeholder to desired shot size). Fill out the feature request form and include the above description and perhaps we can work on the user interface and workflow for this.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • I have the same issue as Josephine had above... I'm on a Mac and I know how to right click or control-click but neither is working to change the source from a placeholder graphic... How was this fixed? Thank you!! Gina

  • Gina Fant-Simon said:
    I'm on a Mac and I know how to right click or control-click but neither is working to change the source from a placeholder graphic.

    You may need to explain further as it does work. Replacing one shot with webcam and the other with the clock. Right click and replace with any source you have.

  • Gina Fant-Simon 
    Also works clicking right on the Preview window without opening the panel


  • CraigS Try doing that exact thing but use the "two together" template.

  • Matthew Potter That works as well.

  • How do you add another placeholder? I use the three pane template, but how do I had, let's say, 2 more placeholders,  CraigS ?

  • Juan Munoz You can use replace any source with any other. Just create your layout as a shot and use some "dummy" sources.

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  • CraigS Thanks for this, but the right click does not work for me. How do I get that menu from the layers if right click does not work?

  • Juan Munoz Please make sure you're using Wirecast 13.1.1 on Windows 10 or macOS Mojave or Catalina.

  • Juan Munoz said:
    Thanks for this, but the right click does not work for me. How do I get that menu from the layers if right click does not work?

    The instructions provided are general instructions for replacing a source. But placeholders are special, and actually easier to replace.

    Click on a shot that has placeholders, and click "Change Source". You will see a sub menu of items the can be replaced into the placeholder object.

    NOTE: The source must already exist. If your source has not been used elsewhere (such as a video source), you will need to add it first.

    There has been a previous feature request to allow these sources to be visible in the menu, but there has been no feedback if or when this will be implemented.


  • CraigS I have the same issue - along with a few others, and it is frustrating. Right-clicking on the placeholders does NOTHING, as does the software crash every 10 minutes. I have had it for about a week, and it mostly crashes - and I am wondering if it is a bad copy of the program.

  • Juan Munoz any luck? I haven't been able to right click on mine either.

  • Dwight Jones  No luck because I have not upgraded to Mojave or Catalina. I cannot understand why a feature would only be available with a right click of the mouse. There should be another way to get that done. Otherwise, you are forced to upgrade the whole operating system, which sometimes cannot be done in company issued machines due to other constraints. CraigS any other alternative way to get to that placeholder swap without a right click?

  • Dwight Jones Juan Munoz 
    You must use Wirecast with a compatible OS. Some of our features are OS dependent.

  • On Mac OS Catalina running Wirecast 13.1.1.  The right click or ctrl+click on a macbook pro DOES NOT WORK on shot layers.  You must use a real mouse, either usb or usb wireless for it to work.  It does work once you plug a real mouse into your laptop.  This should be fixed by Telestream.

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