Upgrade the Graphics Card in Wiregear 230?


Is it possible to upgrade the graphics card/processor in the Wiregear 230 computer?  If so, what products are recommended?  I'm doing more and more group calls in rendezvous, while simultaneously streaming and recording, which are taxing the graphics engine quite a bit.  Thank you!

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  • Wirecast Gear is not user serviceable/upgradable. Opening the case voids the warranty.
    If you'd like to see a GPU based system please do make the feature request. Others may be interested

    Wirecast Gear Feature request Form 

  • CraigS This is a real shame as I am starting to roll out some Wirecast Gear 230 units, which are supposed to be the top of the line turnkey solution from Telestream (and certainly priced as such), and they are seemingly unsuitable for tasks our 3-4 year old MacBook Pros accomplished without issue - precisely because the graphics solution is so underpowered and Wirecast seems to favor graphics utilization heavily. The program hitches constantly, you lose program monitoring if you press Windows+D to see the desktop, and I've experienced several crashes in just a couple hours of testing on site. 

  • CraigWB GPU shouldn't be used that heavily in Gear beyond tasks like chroma key and monitoring. Perhaps you're using a multi monitor setup? Please do use the above form and contact the developers about your hardware needs. Make sure you don't have Wirecast > Output > Multi-Viewer Output > Hide all displays when App is in the Background enabled. You shouldn't lose monitoring. As long as CPU is well under 80% (we recommend no more than 60%) it should run very smoothly. Wirecast takes advantage of Intel QuickSync encoding (you have to select the preset) for lower CPU use. The CPU in Gear is certainly newer than my 2013 15" MBP so certainly should handle better.

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