Screen crashes during live streaming (black screen or white screen)



sometimes screen crashes during live streaming. In Wirecast is screen black or white. On YouTube is last frame of video. Audio continues normally. Do you mind what’s the problem? Is it in program or capture card?


Windows 10, Wirecast 7.7, Blackmagic Design DeckLink Duo 2, latest driver.


Thank you

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  • Jan Kriz said:
    latest driver.

     Version numbers are important. A week ago the latest driver was 10.9.9 and Blackmagic pulled that it seems and now it's 10.9.7 again. Always include version numbers as people are often mistaken over what "latest" is.

    Jan Kriz said:
    In Wirecast is screen black or white. On YouTube is last frame of video. Audio continues normally.

     But that doesn't sound like a crash. Please explain in more detail what is happening.    Explain as if you wanted someone to follow the same steps and describe exactly what you do and what the results are. 

    If Wirecast Live Broadcast Area (is that "screen"?) goes black or white that might be a source issue or it might be a GPU issue. I'd like to help but it's not clear what you're doing at the time. If you can't describe please post a screen shot.

    For Blackmagic cards you may want to test in their Media Express to see if it's working. Maybe a bad card or a bad cable. 

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  • My BMD driver is 10.9.7.


    This issue happens only sometimes and not in the beginning of broadcast. Broadcast starts correct. Then it crashes = Live area in Wirecast is full black or full white (case to case different). I sent you PM how it looks like on YouTube. Sound continuous though it comes throw same SDI input as screen. I often stream more broadcasts simultaneously in different Wirecatst windows. If this issue happens, all are crashed. If I restart Wirecast program, it will repair screen and I can continue in broadcast.


    My GPU is AMD FirePro W2100. If found, that there is older GPU driver, so I try update it. Maybe that’s the issue.

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  • Jan Kriz It's also possible there's an issue with the DeckLink Duo2. It might be interruption of loss of signal.

    Do make sure the OS and GPU driver is up to date.

    You may want to try a test in Media Express and let it run for an hour or so to see if fails there at some point.

    Another test would be to take the DeckLink Duo out of the picture entirely and test with another source even if it's just a webcam. That will determine if it's specific to the DeckLink Duo.

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  • I have made many tests:

    - I have updated GPU driver - didn't solved issue

    - I tried to use webcam - same issue. So, we can exclude DeckLink Duo, can’t we?


    What do you recommend now? Replace GPU?

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  • Jan Kriz said:
    - I tried to use webcam - same issue. So, we can exclude DeckLink Duo, can’t we?

     That may mean there's an issue with the system config itself.

    Jan Kriz said:
    What do you recommend now? Replace GPU?

     I can't determine if that's the cause. It might be worth a try but I'm not sure if that's the issue. Maybe it's the VRam of the GPU. Perhaps running multiple monitors stresses the GPU. Perhaps the system is overheating. A complete wipe and install of the OS might help (or it might not).

    Before doing any testing always start with a New Blank Wirecast Document just in case the Document is corrupt. You should reset Wirecast Preferences as well Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on lower left Reset Preferences.

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  • Using a new blank document with only the webcam get the issue to happen again.
    As soon as it happens go to Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information and enable "Create support ticket..." and enter your contact information. Fill in the Description and link to the screenshot you posted here. Then click on "Send Report" on the lower right and that will give us all the details about your system at the point the shot went white/black. Perhaps we'll be able to spot what is failing. 

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  • Ok, thank you. I will do it.

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  • Jan Kriz Do post back any interesting information you get from support on this.

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