FLIP PLAYER for Mac: The operation couldn't be completed. OSStatus error - 9459

Anyone know what this error is referring to and how to fix it? I've gotten it twice when trying to convert using Flip for Mac

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  • I'd like to help but need more details. Flip4Mac version, OS version, source file type and what were you trying to do, play, something else? Source file could have DRM (copy protection for example). Could mean your computer or monitor is going to sleep during export. Just making guesses without any technical information provided.

  • CraigS 

    Hi Craig, Fli4Mac version /macOS High Sierra/source file type is .mp4. I am trying to convert the .mp4 (694mb) to a .wmv. 

  • Alan Balch Flip4Mac is not compatible with High Sierra. 


    I have found that if you have Apple Compressor, Flip4Mac may work inside that to convert to WMV even on High Sierra but I can't guarantee it'll work. 

  •  CraigS , thanks for looking into this. I've been encoding .wmv's with Flip4Mac all week and today with no issues. There must just be something goofy with the file I'm working with. I'll go back and check my settings. Any idea if Windows 10 will still encode .wmv's?  That might be my next step.

  • Alan Balch Windows 10 should still work even though Microsoft has mostly moved to H.264 .mp4.

    What is the source file, where did it come from? I have Apple Compressor so I can test your file on my system and see if it works that way.

  • CraigS the source file is .mp4 and it came from within our company. Unfortunately the content of the video is sensitive so I am unable so share it with you. I'll find a work around. Thanks for your help!

  • Alan Balch I've seen .mp4 files with odd GOP structures that create problems in some programs.

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