Please: STOP Text and Annotation actions from…

…ALWAYS popping onto the top-most available track!

Is nobody else annoyed about always having to scroll up to find these, right after making them? It seems they're even sometimes CREATING additional tracks, as I certainly didn't consciously create so many beyond the 4 or so I'm perfectly happy with…

Is there some workaround? Thanks!

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  • They're placed on the top because using Text and Annotation are generally at the top of the stack.

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  • Thanks Craig; I guess I'm doing something I don't know I'm doing, or something… In the current project I deleted all but 4 tracks above the bottom one, and a few hours and many text and annotation actions later, I've now got SEVEN tracks. How might that happen?

  • David Coffin Hmm, can you do a screen capture showing what you're doing? Maybe I can spot something.

    I'm using ScreenFlow 8.2.2 just in case version is a factor.

  • 8.2.2 here, too. No screen-cap (maybe after I finish the current project), but I did see it happen: I created an annotation that overlapped an existing one, and the new one got created in the empty track above those already there, which turned into a new track right before my eyes.

  • David Coffin Of course if there's something directly underneath it'll have to be on a higher track. The issue may be when there's nothing preventing it from being on a lower track but still creates a higher track. We may need to see under what circumstance that happens. 

    As you can see in my example The annotation went right on to the same track as the text rather than create a new track. So we need to know when and why that doesn't happen.

  • David Coffin Can you do a screen recording working in ScreenFlow so I can see the circumstances and try to duplicate it? If we can duplicate it we can investigate a fix.

    In the current version of ScreenFlow 8.2.3 I can't get it to happen. As long as there's space it's going on the lowest available track.

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