Virtual Mic Won't Install

Im using Windows 10, on a P.C.  And just purchased the newest version of wirecast.  For some reason the virtual microphone doesn't prompt me to install it during the install.  I went into the folder for Wirecast after the install as just ran the .exe for it which installed it.  However there is no audio being output to the virtual mic.  So when I try to stream nobody here's me,  the local (no stream) record is fine.  

When I'm in my "recording and playback devices" I can see the "virtual mic and virtual speakers" listed.  But neither show audio levels lighting up when I am talking. So I am assuming this has to do with the fact that virtual microphone didn't install when wirecast was install as it has done on previous versions.

Ive tried uninstalling both, reinstalling. Rebooting.  Checking for updates of windows,  disabling and renabling the virtual mic.  But nothing seems to work.

Has anybody run across this problem or have any ideas how I could fix it?

Any help or a point in the right direction would be appreciated.  

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  • It's possible Virtual Microphone now installs with Wirecast without prompt.
    I'm not quite sure how you're using Virtual Microphone in your stream. It's usually something I'd use to send Wirecast audio to Skype or Google Hangouts so others can hear the output.

    You may also want to read this to see how to access Virtual Microphone on Windows 10

  • I've tried that.  It doesn't work.  And yes, I need virtual mic to output sound to YouNow live streaming.  


    My system sees the virtual speaker and virtual mic.  But there is no audio going to them from wirecast reguardless of what settings I select in wirecast.

  • If your system sees Wirecast Virtual Mic than it's installed. Perhaps there's an issue between YouNow and Virtual Mic compatibility.

    You may want to test sending Wirecast Virtual Mic to the current version of Skype Classic 7.5x (must be Classic) as a test.

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