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Would love to be able to read Facebook comments within Wirecast. Found it doesn't refresh properly on FB Live in the brower and have to watch my stream on my mobile to keep track of FB Live comments

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  • Please do make the feature request. I assume you mean being able to overlay the comments over the stream as we can do with Twitter. 

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS Couldn't one use a DP or NDI input of a browser window portion containing the chat and overlay it that way?

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  • Adam Blainey Yes but some may want more direct implementation. In a case like this, I'd like the developers to have a look and consider the options.

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  • I love wirecast but Belive.tv has had the Facebook live comments across the screen the entire time. (about a year now)

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  • Ben Wilson they don't seem to be comparable. Their website requires a sign up. There's no information about the software, only links to an app with no instructions. Seems to be all backend at first glance rather than a standalone switcher compositor encoder.

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  • CraigS Belive.tv is a cloud service but it does what I wish Wirecast would do. Belive has been free for a year or so and just switched last week out of Beta. During a live broadcast using that service, I can see comment thread from facebook live and I can click on any one of them at a time and display. It displays it like a bottom third bar and includes their emoticon/profile pic with the comment.

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  • Ben Wilson It may not be part of Facebook's API for software development so cloud use might be a different technology. By all means, make the feature request.

    LP will log it for you.

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  • CraigS  This feature was also requested at NAB 2017 at both the Telestream booth and Facebook pavilion.

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  • LP Good to hear both parties have been alerted to the interest.

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  • OMG!! If you make that feature available you would be total ROCK STARS!!

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  • Eugen Lots of interest in this one for sure. Hoping Facebook is amenable to it.

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