Low Sound on Wirecast 6 studio

We are having issues with low sound coming from our mixer to our computer.   We are using Wirecast 6 studio.  We can stream but the sound is low.  We have increased the sound of our mixer but no changes.  We are using a Yamaha MG16XU mixer.  We have a usb cable coming from the mixer to our Windows 10 PC.  We have a MX-XU sound driver and have increase the volume on it but still no luck.  We are some recommendations?   We are using the preview screen and the audio meter to measure the sound. 

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  • Make sure you're using Wirecast 6.0.8. Development has stoped on Wirecast 6 so you may want to test with a trial of Wirecast 7.5 to see if this is still an issue.

    You'd also have to provide specifics to verify the sound since meter calibration can differ between programs.

    You may need to check any sound drivers you are using and compare with another program, again, keeping in mind that meters may be calibrated differently. 

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  • CraigS 

    Kamen Kuntchef 

    Question for OP and for Craig: 

    Does Wirecast need to talk to a mixer through a mixer's software (Such as Presonus Studio, or Yamaha Cube 8), or can it talk directly to the mixer as an audio source? 

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  • Zack Klapman It depends on the Mixer but generally if OS native software and soundcard handles it than so should Wirecast. If the mixer requires a driver than it's possible that Wirecast would work through that.

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  • All systems functioning well.!!

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  • Zack Klapman Good to hear!

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  • Actually I'd like to add to this: Our new mixer comes through clear on the recording, but the wirecast audio meter (both the one in the main window and the extra audio mixer window) reads about 15db below the meter on our mixer (Yamaha MG16). It did the same thing with our Presonus. The green barely shows up on the bottom of the bar, unless you yell VERY loudly.  Any reason it would read so low (and yet record clearly)? 

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  • Zack Klapman  Update. I did a test recording and the exported QT video from Wirecast is indeed much quieter. It seems there's some sort of sound loss happening between the mixer and the program? Could that be a function of the cable, or something else? 

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  • Zack Klapman According to some research, digital measures sound in a different unit than analog, and chops 24 bit sound down by -18 db.  ?


    Someone also suggested going into your computer settings and making sure that the intake volume for the device is at max. 

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  • Zack Klapman Do check in the Windows Control Panels Sound to see if there's an input level control there or in Mac System Preferences Sound


    Regarding levels and meters, different meters may have different calibration so it's not always easy to compare meters from different programs to judge.

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  • Our Sound  slider is greyed out on the Yamaha. 

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  • Zack Klapman That would mean Wirecast is getting a digital source without volume control available. In that case the only volume controls would be in Wirecast.  Each audio source has its own volume control when added to a shot.



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