Recording error due to an internal error


I just got several times the same recording error due to an internal error, during my recording of a powerpoint presentation and my voice with an external Samson Meteor Mic.

I have the screen flow Version 6.2.1 (28782) and I'm using Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. My Imac is from 2009. 

I haven't opened any other programs during the recording: only powerpoint and screenflow.

I'm using an external harddisk with plenty of free space ( 2,31 TB) to buffer my recording which is connected by a USB cable.

On my internal harddisk I have 50 GB free space left.

Is there anybody who can help me with this problem? I'm really frustrated as I lost already several hours recording time due to this issue.

Thanks in advance for all you tipps and help!








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  • Try a simple test. Remove the third party devices. Reboot. Do a test recording of just the desktop. I do think the limited internal hard drive space may still be a factor. How long were you recording for?

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  • Thanks Craig for your reaction. With third party device you mean the powerpoint program? I will test this. The error occurs after more than 1 hour recording but several times also after 15-30 minutes. Should I try to make more free space on my internal drive? How much free space would you recommend? Although I'm using my external harddisk to buffer my recordings?

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  • Remove the external mic (and external webcam if any) and, without running any other programs including PowerPoint, do a recording of the desktop. Reboot the computer after removing the devices and closing programs first.

    Given the durations you're recording I do think the limited free space on the internal drive is a factor. Doing the above test may confirm it's not related to other devices or programs.

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