Speeding up Export, looking to upgrade Mac

This may not be solely a Screenflow question, but I'm wondering if there are components to a Mac that speed up the exporting process when uploading a video. I'm not referring to the upload speed, which is about ones Internet speed. I'm talking about the the longer export or compilation part. Would that be a faster processor? Graphics card? RAM? Or a combo? Just curious, as it's something I want to make faster and am looking at purchasing a new Mac. (currently have a Mac Pro late 2013, 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5, 32 gigs of RAM). 

I guess the second related question is: what exactly happens during the "exporting" process (the step before the file is uploaded). 

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  • The problem is the MacPro doesn't have hardware accelerated encoding. That's generally available only in "i" processors or the new iMac Pro which can use the AMD GPU to accelerate encoding.

    If using Automatic export make sure you're using Normal (Fastest won't be available) or with a custom setting use Single Pass (Hardware Acceleration won't be available to you).

    Avoiding scaling can help. Make the canvas the same size and the encoder (1920x1080 canvas and the same for the encoder).

    But ultimately the 2013 Mac Pro is not going to be a fast H.264 encoder. I have 6 core  and my 2013 15" MBP i7 Quad Core beats it by a wide margin.

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  • CraigS Very useful info, Craig. Thank you for this. 

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  • Scott You're welcome of course.

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