Wirecast 7.7 Released June 14, 2017

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Wirecast 7.7
Fixes and Enhancements

  • ●  New! Output your live program feed with the NewTek NDITM protocol!

  • ●  New! Support for the BlackMagic 4K Cinema Camera via Thunderbolt

  • ●  Fixed an issue preventng Virtual Camera Output from being used as a source in Skype

  • ●  Fixed an issue in the Scoreboard UI when using the Chinese language

  • ●  Fixed an issue where some 60 FPS encoder presets were actually set to 30 FPS

    Wirecast 7.6
    Fixes and Enhancements

  • ●  New! Capture NewTek NDITM sources!

  • ●  Fixed RSS feeds not working properly in the Text widget

  • ●  Fixed a crash occurring as a result of using a large number of CEF sources (i.e. Titles)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Toggle Broadcast for Twi er/Periscope was grayed out

  • ●  Changed Twi er/Periscope API for “Should Tweet” to “Should Not Tweet”

  • ●  Fixed a crash that could occur when a YouTube Event ended by closing an unsaved document

  • ●  Fixed an issue where a Facebook stream would restart a er Stream Delay me has elapsed

  • ●  Fixed an issue where the cursor exits the Places eld a er each key stroke in the Facebook des na on

  • ●  Added a beter error message if Facebook prevents creating a stream due to broadcasting copyrighted material

  • ●  Added more encoder presets for Facebook des na on

  • ●  Display settings for previously scheduled Facebook events

  • ●  Fixed an issue where dele ng an encoder from Periscope’s dashboard would break authentication until restareng Wirecast

  • ●  Fixed issues when performing Smooth transi on via Keyboard Shortcuts set to Shots


*Please note: Wirecast 7 does not support OS X Mavericks or previous versions of OS X

NewBlueFX Titler Express - Wirecast 7 includes a free copy of NewBlueFX Titler Live Express with over 60 tle templates for lower-thirds and overlays (Mac OS X & Windows)

Wirecast 7.5
Fixes and Enhancements

  • ●  New! Twiter/Periscope streaming des na on!

  • ●  Fixed UI for Use Backup Server and Automa cally Start Event in YouTube destination not working properly

  • ●  Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Scoreboard increment/decrement not working properly

  • ●  Fixed Stream, Record and viewership sta s cs icons not displaying properly when Preview Inspector is open

  • ●  Fixed issues with Daylight Savings me in Facebook Live and YouTube events

  • ●  Fixed a hang that could occur when Facebook Live viewer sta s cs incremented too high (~200 or higher)

  • ●  Fixed missing transla on strings in Facebook Live des na on

  • ●  Fixed inability to add dynamic des na on URLs manually through the Edit Visible Des na on window

    Wirecast 7.4
    Fixes and Enhancements

  • ●  New! Schedule events with the Facebook Live des na on

  • ●  Improved Wirecast startup me

  • ●  Fixed a crash that occurred when changing canvas size while DirectShow sources were in use

  • ●  Fixed an issue where a clip would remain on a Facebook page a er stopping a continuous live stream

  • ●  Fixed an issue where dragging Playlist Shots between Master Layers resulted in the Playlist being le in Preview on the origina ng Master Layer

  • ●  Fixed lack of scroll bars in Facebook Authen ca on dialog

  • ●  Fixed YouTube des na on not properly accoun ng for locale when scheduling events

  • ●  Fixed a hang when switching too quickly between listed YouTube events in Output Settings

  • ●  Fixed ISO Recording not working properly with BlueFish 4:4:4:4 capture cards on Windows

  • ●  Fixed Magewell AIO capture card not working with Wirecast on Windows

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Magewell capture cards were always being deinterlaced even when the op on was disabled

  • ●  Fixed Desktop Presenter shot se ngs not being saved

  • ●  Fixed a memory leak when using Capture Cursor in Screen Capture on macOS

  • ●  Fixed hang and crash caused by upgrading documents containing Title shots

  • ●  Fixed a crash when using Logitech web cams on Windows

  • ●  Fixed an issue where posi on and scaling were not being saved when using Remote Desktop Presenter

  • ●  Fixed an issue when selec ng File → Open twice in a row

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Keyboard Shortcut icons on Shot Thumbnails were not upda ng properly

  • ●  Fixed a hang that could occur when closing a File browse panel

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Wirecast could some mes not be closed

  • ●  Fixed a random crash on exit

    Wirecast 7.3
    Fixes and Enhancements

  • ●  New! Viewership sta s cs for Facebook Live, including emo cons, comments and shares, and total viewers

  • ●  New! Image Carousel source

  • ●  New! Open Broadcaster Studio scene import

  • ●  Fixed installer issues for certain users who were missing DirectX dependencies

  • ●  Updated .NET Framework dependencies from 3.5 to 4.0

  • ●  Fixed an issue where External Display Output was not scaling properly on High DPI displays on Windows

  • ●  Fixed an issue where screen region selec on was not working on High DPI displays on Windows

  • ●  Fixed an issue where screen capture was only capturing part of a High DPI display on Windows

  • ●  Fixed a crash when toggling Capture Video in Screen Capture plug-in on macOS

  • ●  Auto-Reload web pages when they are sent live when “Shutdown” is enabled for Web Display

  • ●  Fixed an issue where closing Output Se ngs would resize the canvas if no changes were made

  • ●  Fixed a hang when dele ng sources in Preview edi ng

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Hotkey Manager was using too much CPU

  • ●  Fixed a crash when stopping streams

  • ●  Fixed branded search for Facebook des na on

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Playlists had to be re-selected to be sent live repeatedly

  • ●  Fixed an issue where WMV clips with more than 2 channels of audio would cause a crash

  • ●  Fixed a crash on macOS when opening new documents

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Twi er authen ca on was not working in certain instances

  • ●  Fixed a crash when adding sources from the Master Layer external windows

  • ●  When no game capture source is found the source will now become transparent

  • ●  Fixed issues with Text Widget line wrapping

    Wirecast 7.2
    Fixes and Enhancements

  • ●  New! High-DPI display support for Windows

  • ●  New! Document recovery a er a crash or improper shutdown

  • ●  New! Specify a sponsor for branded Facebook streams (“With” entry eld)

  • ●  New! Progress bar indicator for Playlist and media clip Shots

  • ●  New! Op ons for selec ng which sources to copy when Duplica ng a Shot

  • ●  New! Aspect Ra o lock and “Stretch to Fit” bu on for video sources

  • ●  New! Bind single keys to Hotkeys in the Hotkey Manager

  • ●  New! Text Widget background gradient and Text Shadow op ons

  • ●  New! Timestamp lename op on for Record to Disk outputs

  • ●  Over 100 addi onal bug xes and stability improvements

    Wirecast 7.1
    Fixes and Enhancements

  • ●  New! Audio lters in the Audio Mixer. Dynamics, EQ, Delay and more! (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added ability to stream to Facebook Live groups and events (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added “Places” (AKA geo-tagging) to the Facebook Live (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added ability to stream 24/7 to Facebook Live (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Magewell capture card SDK integra on (Windows)

  • ● New! Added Hitbox.tv stream des na on (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Duplicate Shot now performs a “deep copy” of sources and se ngs in the Shot. Mirror Duplicate will only copy the Shot Layer con gura on. Please use Mirror Duplicate if you desire the legacy Shot Duplica on functionality (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added shortcut to open the folder where recordings were saved (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added Keyboard Shortcuts to switch to Clear Layer shots (Alt+1 through 5, one for each Master Layer) (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Improve logic around scaling new sources to t the canvas when added (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Addressed performance and reliability issues for USB DirectShow web cams (Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Remote Desktop Presenter scaling and posi on was not saving properly (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Improved performance for BlackMagic Capture Cards (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where ISO Recording would fail if the source format changed (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Usability enhancements around ElGato Game Capture cards (Windows)

  • ●  Enabled the usage of Matrox VS4 capture card with Wirecast na ve ISO Recording (Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Smooth transi on was not applying volume ramps (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Addressed reliability issues with CEF-based widget sources (i.e. Text, Solid Color) (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Unicast/Mul cast streaming were resul ng in bad video (Mac OS X & Windows)

    Wirecast 7.0.1
    Fixes and Enhancements

● Fixed an issue with streaming to Facebook Live Pages when a Wirecast user has mul ple Facebook pages that are sorted di erently by Wirecast and Facebook causing the stream to go to the incorrect page. (Mac OS X & Windows)

Wirecast 7.0
Fixes and Enhancements

Wirecast 7.0 is a major upgrade that encompasses many new features, enhancements and bug xes across a spectrum of issues and func onality.

  • ●  New! General stability improvements and decreased CPU usage! (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! GPU accelerated H.264 encoder via Intel® Quick Sync Video, NVIDIA® NVENC and Apple® Video Toolbox H.264 (see tech specs above for speci cs) (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! ISO recording from live capture sources – Wirecast 7 Pro only (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added ability to update a single Replay Shot OR create new Replay Shots.

  • ●  New! UI enhancements including Edit-In-Preview with integrated Shot Inspector (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Playlist changed to a new tabbed interface (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Shots inside of a Playlist now display a progress bar (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added Shu e Playlist func onality (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added the ability to apply dura on changes to all Shots within a Playlist Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added “.” and “,” hotkeys for moving between Shots within a Playlist (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added default dura on se ng for Shots added to a Playlist Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Output Sta s cs histogram view (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Global Hotkey Manager (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Video delay for individual live video sources (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Audio delay for individual live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Re-designed Audio Mixer user interface (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added Panning to Audio Mixer (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Selec ve audio monitor toggle for individual live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Source channel selec on for live audio sources (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Audio output interface selec on (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! New Text tool featuring live text, RSS feeds and reading from text les, scrolling text (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! GPU accelerated color correc on (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Re-designed tle system (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Customizable Social Media Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Broadcast and recording sta s cs overlay in Direct3D 9 games (Windows)

  • ●  New! Added link to Twitch account Dashboard and Ac ve Broadcast in Output menu (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Solid Color source (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added 1440p and 60 FPS encoder presets YouTube streaming (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Toggle to display System CPU usage or Wirecast process CPU usage (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added support for RGB video input from BlackMagic capture cards (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  New! Added 24 FPS Canvas Frame Rate op on (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Added support for Animated GIF playback (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where a stream may not start if the ini al source was a s ll video frame (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where transi ons may not be triggered properly (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where sending a DirectShow source to Preview and Live simultaneously could result in popping audio (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed a crash that could occur when using Mac Screen Capture (Mac OS X)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where audio output device sample rate changes were not handled properly (Mac OS X)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Facebook Live des na on was not displaying all pages (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed a crash that could occur when using Local Desktop Presenter on systems with mul ple monitors or GPUs (Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Facebook Live recordings were not being closed properly (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where Facebook Live des na on could display duplicate page lis ngs (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed wide character display issues with Social Media Shot (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed a possible crash when selec ng a BlackMagic capture card source (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Fixed an issue where searching Twi er with hashtag could fail (Mac OS X & Windows)

  • ●  Added true cross dissolve transi on on Windows

    Known issues

    • ●  DirectShow devices must be in Preview or Live, or Live Icons must be enabled to use ISO Recording for these sources.

    • ●  Flash support disabled in Web Display plug-in due to a crash issue. A x for this issue will be provided in a future update to Wirecast 7.

    • ●  Mul ple Replay clips captured during the same replay session will not render correctly when played at the same me on di erent master layers or di erent shot layers.

    • ●  Star ng Wirecast while the Local Desktop Presenter is running and minimized will result in the DTP source displaying a green frame. A workaround is to maximize DTP before star ng Wirecast. (Mac OS X)

    • ●  Some older Intel integrated graphic cards lack driver support for D3D10, D3D11. Game capture may not work properly on such GPUs. A dedicated NVIDIA or AMD card is recommended for PC game capture. (Windows)

    • ●  For best performance with Game Capture run Wirecast and the target game on the same GPU (Windows)

    • ●  Disabling Aero can improve performance of window and monitor capture. (Windows) 

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