FLAC playback

Very impressed that Switch can play >4GB RF64 WAV audio files, but we need FLAC playback too. Thanks!

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  • Absolutely make the feature request. Can you describe why you're using FLAC? Are you generating this or are they coming from or being used in a specific workflow where FLAC is preferred?

    LP  will log it for you.
    But the workflow explanation and need would be very important to us in evaluating it.

  • FLAC is gaining a foothold as the most common method of packaging and selling high-resolution music in stereo and surround. I need to quickly open and proof FLAC files (checking the channel count and channel assignments) that I make for record labels, and then audition commercially available FLAC files. I see that Switch can already play ALAC. That's great.

  • Thanks for your interest in audio-post needs. Looking at the big picture, I feel like we need one app that can quickly audition all of our media. Heavy applications like Pro Tools, Audition, Premiere, Media Encoder are too slow for the quick access and management that I'm looking for. Light applications like macOS Finder, QT Pro 7, Snapper are too limited in what they can play back. I'm hoping Switch will fill the gap!

  • Nathaniel Reichman Thanks for that detailed explanation. Our developers will certainly appreciate it.

  • Please upload a sample FLAC file to the Switch Aspera Dropbox. See link:


  • LP Sorry for the delay, just sent a package of FLAC files from different sources and of varying resolutions and channel counts. Enjoy!

  • Thank you for the test files. Truly beautiful music. 

  • Switch 4.1 will support FLAC for audio post needs. It is tentatively scheduled for release in late September. 

  • LP Thanks for the notification.

  • Thanks guys! Looking forward to it.

  • Nathaniel Reichman You're welcome of course. Thanks for contributing.

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