Lose audio but keep video while streaming into Wirecast

Everything is fully uptodate as of today,  June 7, 3020. I'm streaming PowerPoint slides from a windows 10 laptop, some with embedded videos with sound, into Wirecast. For most of the slides the Wirecast shot uses the sound coming from a live camera feed being overlaid on a corner of the slide being pulled from desktop presenter. Sometimes when I switch to the shot with audio from the laptop via desktop presenter I get the video but no sound. Restarting desktop presenter on the laptop fixes it.

Any suggestions?

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  • Holy Cross said:
    Sometimes when I switch to the shot with audio from the laptop via desktop presenter I get the video but no sound.

     I need more details. Do you mean PowerPoint slides with embedded video and audio files?

    Capturing System Sound? Sorry that's not clear?

    Holy Cross said:
    a live camera feed

     With Audio? Are you losing the camera audio or the Powerpoint audio?
    Perhaps it's a shot configuration issue. Sorry I can only guess.
    You need to describe shots in detail otherwise I can't really determine what you're doing or what this might be happening.

  • I have three shots. 

    1. Fullscreen video and audio from the remote laptop using the desktop presenter. Used when a slide has an embedded video.

    2. Full screen video from the remote desktop laptop using desktop presenter (power point slides). Picture in picture overlaid with a live video/audio feed from a network camera (PTZoptics) in the bottom right corner. Audio is from the network PTZoptics camera. Used when a slide has text that the leader is talking about.

    3. Full screen video and audio from the network camera. Used when the leader is talking and the slides are not important.


    Everything works normally most of the time. However, if I stay on #2 and/or #3 for somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes, when I go back to #1, sometimes there is no audio in wirecast (still audio playing on the laptop speakers). The video always works. If I kill the desktop presenter on the laptop and restart it, the audio is restored (no change on the wirecast end, it says on shot #1). I capture the laptop's full screen and system audio using  desktop presenter.


    Thanks for reading my comment. 

  • Holy Cross Replace Remote Desktop Presenter with NewTek NDI Scan Converter and see if the audio behaves better. If the issue is with rDTP, I'd recommend staying with NDI Scan Converter as it's much better and improving technology.

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  • I switched to the NDI Scan Converter and stopped using Remote Desktop Presenter.  It solved this problem, plus dramatically reduced the load on the wirecast computer. We went from maxed CPU/GPU and dropping 2K frames over an hour to reasonable CPU load and 0 dropped frames.


    I highly recommend using NDI Scan Converter instead of the Remote  Desktop Presenter. It just works better.

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      Holy Cross Thanks for reporting that. I think It's the best method for screen capture on a network and the technology continues to improve.

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