Blank video and audio clips in timeline

I recently upgraded my Mac OS to Catalina 10.15.4. Since then, I have a few Screenflow projects (which were originally edited while I was still using High Sierra) which are no longer working correctly. I am using Screenflow 9.0.3. Here's the problem:

1. The video clips in the timeline look exactly the same as when I last opened them under High Sierra but some of the timeline video clips are blank (blacked out in the timeline and also play back with a black screen).

2. All of the audio clips in the timeline are still showing waveforms but some of them are silent when the playhead passes over them.

3. I am getting no messages that the media files that match the timeline clips are offline or need to be reconnected.

4. All of the timeline clips have corresponding media files in the media finder but some of them are blacked out (no thumbnail preview visible). If I try to open a preview of these clips they also play back blank/black.

5. The projects are all saved as Packaged Documents. When I control + click on a packaged document and inspect the Media folder I see that many of the project files are missing there (although running a Get Info of the packaged document is still showing me the original larger file size from when all of the files were present).

6. None of these projects ever used external drives. Everything was always stored and worked with on the internal machine drive. I can say for a fact that I did not delete any of the files from the Media folders of the packaged documents but some of the files appear to be missing there for sure.

I have the feeling that some of these project files were temporarily stored in a different folder and the update to Catalina somehow broke this path or deleted the temp storage. Wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to restore these projects to their full functionality? I am looking at a lot of lost time and work if I am not able to recover those files.

Thanks in advance.


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