Why is ScreenFlow creating two media clips for one recording?

I am recording a single screen with audio using my external microphone (Shure, connected via USB).

When I complete the recording, two media files appear in the media bin. One file is the video recording and the other file is the audio for that recording.

Please reference the attached screen capture for more detail.

Question #1

While I understand there are perfectly valid reasons for producing two separate files, I do not want to do that by default. It must be possible because I have seen others do it and I know there is an option to detach the audio from a video file.

Is there a way to record one single piece of media for a recording instead of two?

Question #2

After I complete the recording, the media items are automatically selected. Whether I right-click and add the items to the timeline or drag-and-drop them, they always appear one after the other. While I understand the behavior of placing clips next to each other is normal for most media types, this is a LOT of extra work for a set of media that I need to get on the timeline and then re-align.

Is it possible to add multiple media clips to the timeline as stacked vs. side-by-side?


I am very new to the product and searching brought up all sorts of unrelated material, so apologies if this has been asked and answered before.

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  • Webcam video and audio are recorded as one file.
    Screen Recording and computer audio are recorded as one file.
    Other combinations may be separate.

    Hold down the Shift Key if you want video and audio stacked instead of one after the other.

  • I'm not sure why they cannot be joined during recording so it is just one file, but I appreciate the Shift Key tip. That is very useful, thank you!

  • Bill Raymond The types of source define whether they would be joined because of the potential to vary the sync relationship with screen recording and separate audio.

  • I read what you say, just don’t understand why it wouldn’t all record together, but at least I understand how to bring them onto the timeline. I wish there was a setting that would combine them given there’s an option to disconnect audio and video later. 

  • Bill Raymond Unlike webcam and mic where lipsync is assumed, screen recording and mic often involve cutting moving audio and video since sync is subjective.

    You can combine them after the fact by nesting. You can even nest after doing some edits if you need to adjust things.

  • Okay, thank you. That is useful.

  • Bill Raymond You're welcome of course.

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