NDI Source Frozen Video on Windows 10

I am using my iPhone 11 with the NDI HX Camera app as a source in Wirecast for Windows 13.1.3. I can add the source fine, but the video preview is frozen on a single frame and doesn't update. If I click the "Reconnect" button, it will capture a new frame but there is still no motion. Audio meter is working fine and Status = Receiving. Testing using the Newtek Tools NDI Studio Monitor works fine.

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  • I was able to get the preview to work by copying Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll from the NewTek NDI Tools 4.0 directory to the Wirecast directory. However, there is over a 2 second camera lag that makes it pretty unusable. I was under the impression that Wirecast supports NDI HX. When will this issue be fixed? I am using the same config in OBS with about a quarter-second camera lag.

  • Shaun Martinec I've noted the issue in NDI HX specifically with the Windows version of Wirecast. It works spectacularly well with the Mac version 13.1.3. 

    Report this so we can send you a case number while we work on the fix on Windows. Wirecast Support Form.

  • CraigS I submitted a ticket at the URL provided, however, I have yet to receive an email reply with a case number.

  • Shaun Martinec Case number should happen within a few hours. Please check spam folder. Otherwise, email desktopsupport@telestream.net and also note the form isn't working.

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