Feature Request: Rendezvous "Let Me Talk"

The use of online interviews and panels has increased significantly as a result of restrictions in place at the moment. With multiple guests involved in a presentation, there are often instances of multiple participants talking over each other - which is magnified if there is latency involved over network links.

What I am proposing is a "let me talk" feature for Rendezvous that will allow interviews using Wirecast / Rendezvous to be conducted in a manner that can be produced in a manner that will be more professional than expensive alternatives. This feature would require a number of elements.

1. A button inside Rendezvous clients that a guest can push even when their shot is not on screen, to let the Wirecast operator know that they have something they want to say on the current topic. Think of this as putting up your hand in a seminar room to indicate you want to speak. This should be able to be cleared, as you would if you put your hand down in a room.

2. An acknowledge button inside the Rendezvous dashboard that would be pushed back to a waiting guest to let them know that they will be next to talk. To make this seamless, it might auto execute this function if a shot goes to preview with ONE rendezvous guest that is waiting to talk... but it should still be available in the dashboard. Just like the initial request, an operator should be able to clear an acknowledgement.

3. Finally, the ability to have some instant messaging between rendezvous guests would help to improve production quality allowing integrated back-channel discussions between operator and guests.

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  • In addition to that, I would suggest that they include an indicator for each participant in the primary window (perhaps under the preview/program) that shows each participants name and their status of the let me talk. A hand icon lighting up as a suggestion? This would also give a great location for quality of connection status that I'm sure would be yet another request for feature form population and 3 years of development but just throwing that in there too since most people don't have the primary Rendezvous window open during a broadcast simply due to it's size and CPU requirements to maintain.

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  • Does this imply there should be a mute, unmute function as well?

  • CraigS 

    CraigS said:
    Does this imply there should be a mute, unmute function as well?

    Not necessarily. A producer will switch shots or an anchor will throw to the person with their hand up... In my case, I keep audio up for multiple participants - but just switch video to the next person to speak.

    Greg Kuhnert

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