Muting and Unmuting Shot Audio Sources

Hello all,

We are running Wirecast 14.3.4 on A iMac Pro running Mojave.

At our church we use both Intro and Outro videos before the live stream starts.  When we are playing the videos which are in Wirecast as shots, we need to mute the soundboard audio source.

Then, when the Intro video has completed, we cut to our live camera feed shot and we unmute the soundboard.

I want to be able to automatically do this when the shots are called but for the life of me cannot se how to make that happen.  Right now our operator needs to actually mouse click on the audio source manually and this is very error prone.

Any suggestions are welcomed!



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  • You can turn off audio from the source in the Wirecast Audio Mixer.


    If you have Audio on a separate Main Shot Layer you can probably just Cut (Transition) away the audio. You may need to think about your shot setup in doing this.

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      • Kurt Stype
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      CraigS Yes - Appreciate your feedback…That’s how we do it now but it’s manual and requires a mouse operation and I was hoping that when we select a certain layer - like the embedded videos that plays before and after our services - that we make the video unmuted and mute our soundboard source…from reading other threads this is something that Telestream is working to improve as much of their focus is on the video portion and less on the audio portion…

      I’m just trying to make this as fool-proof as possible and telling a volunteer to pick the video source and then “be sure to manually mute the audio” is more error prone than just telling them to just pick the video source and that layer take case of all the audio mutes for them…

  • Kurt Stype said:
    this is something that Telestream is working to improve

     Yes. How would you like this to work and perhaps it can be the basis of or tied to a feature request.

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