Duplicated shots Change


I would like to know if there is a way for me to change 1 shot and that all the duplacated shot change at the same time  an example

I replace the first image and all the rest change too without having to do it individually


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  • First import the image you want to change it to. Then go to Media>Show Asset Manager and switch the Assignment.


  • Hi dude it works but lets say i want it to keep the size how does i do it Like the scale and the change i put like in shot 6

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      Icewasbest said:
      lets say i want it to keep the size

       Currently, if the image is a different size it would appear as such. There's no way to force it to scale to a previously scaled size or preset. You'd have to make a feature request for that. Otherwise, you'll have to scale images in advance. Forcing to a scaled size opens up the potential for problems because in some cases you'll want to scale, sometimes crop, sometimes a combination, sometimes letterboxing might be acceptable, sometimes not. It's really best to sort that out in advance otherwise there would be a very complex import scaling mechanism.

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