Reconnecting media functionality

I decided to re-organize my folder layout for a wirecast project and I knew what I was getting into but I prompted me to post because there needs to be a better way. I read old posts of guys from 2017 asking for the same thing so I wanted to bring it up again. Yes this isn't something that I need all the time, BUT when it does its a pain, especially with big projects, or if for some reason it does it when you show up at an event and that box pops up on launch. 

I come from the NLE world where If I open a project and for some reason the files have become disconnected, all I have to do is find one of the files and it reconnects the rest (if they are in the same folder.)

Premiere does it and so does after effects, if you need an example.  

So wish 1 is wirecast doing the legwork and connecting the files if they are in the same folder as 1 file you had to find for it. 

Wish #2 is to atleast list the file name at the top of the searching box so you don't have to remember what the file name is, I am reconnecting 50ish files and I have had to back out a couple times to remember the file I was looking for. And sometimes a file is named Commercial A and Commercial B... and once I navigate my way in I go..crap was it A or B....and I always guess wrong. 

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