Ever experience this audio?


  I was curious if anyone has experienced this with their audio into a Wirecast Gear box.  I have a recording of audio from three different audio inputs (audio-layout image). 

1. Scarlett box through the Wirecast 420 USB-C connection (0 to 13 seconds)

2. Preamp audio on the 420 USB-2 input (14 to 34 seconds - there's a pop watch out!)

3. Preamp audio on the 420 USB input (35 to the end)

The Scarlett box was connected to our main soundboard.  The Preamp (I can't remember which kind) was connected to an iMac's phone output.  There wasn't actually anything playing on the iMac.

Thanks in advance!

PS We're on 14.2 as of Sunday.

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  • You may want to test by creating a new document and try each input separately. Please also listen to Wirecast audio monitor out.

    It's important to determine if the issue is specific to one Gear input or to your signal source.

    • CraigS Thanks for the advice.  I'll check that out.

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      Brian Willis 👍
      I want to make sure you don't have a bad Gear hardware input. A bad cable could cause a problem like that as well.

  • CraigS I do want to say that it seems like whenever we run multiple inputs into the Wirecast we get the audio issues...well expect when I tried to run into the mic/line input on the back of the Wirecast.

  • Brian Willis said:
    what do recommend on cords? 

     Any of the name brands carried by retailers like B&H or Markertek but any cable has the potential to go bad or become intermittent due to stress over time.

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