Please add feature to control the text line height in ScreenFlow

Please add feature to control the text line height in ScreenFlow.

Thanks in advance!

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  • That can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Please explain and/or include visual examples from another program.

  • This is how Sketch does:

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  • And this how they do it in another program.

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  • Good examples. Thanks.


    (just to support the question/request) - here is the options we have.

    So far, I end up just typing out many pieces of text - because you have to manually create line-height to get it looking anywhere near pro. We do need control of that. The Font-size is also hard to work with - but maybe I'll open up another ticket for that.

  • I'm a new user of ScreenFlow and I'm blown away but how much I can do with it but this was a significant hang up for me as I was having line spacing issues and ultimately had to create multiple text elements where one could have sufficed.  Thanks for listening to these feature requests.  Very impressed with ScreenFlow.

  • Connor Martin ranking fourth in the forum feature requests vote in a short period too.

  • +1 for this.  Screenflow is awesome.  One place it isn't awesome is dealing with typography.  Would love to see some emulation from popular graphics programs (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.) that have set the standard for things such as type customization options and corresponding keyboard shortcuts.  Thanks for the great app.  

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      Daniel Vivarelli Please make sure you actually select the Vote button because that is reported to the developers.

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