Blackmagic DeckLink Duo 2 SDI or Magewell Pro Capture Quad SDI

Hi, at our church we just ordered a Dell Precision 3630 with Intel Xeon E-2286G, 6 Core, 12MB Cache, 4.0Ghz, 4.9Ghz Turbo w/UHD Graphics P630, Nvidia Quadro P2200, 32Gb RAM, 2TB SSD, etc. to stream our Sunday's worship services. I was planning on getting a Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2 to use as a capture card as we have tons of Blackmagic equipment already (2 x Ultrastudio 4K, 2 x HyperDeck Studio 4K and a ton of Mini Converters from SDI to Fiber, HDMI, you name it) but I read that the Magewell Pro Capture Quad SDI is a bit better regarding latency an easy of use as it doesn't need any software to configure it. I'm planning on using it only for video capture so the output feature of the Blackmagic is not compelling to me. I want a trusted and easy plug and play card no matter if the Magewell is $400 more expensive. We will be feeding the capture card straight from our Ross Carbonite video switcher with a 1080i/59.94 signal and streaming to Vimeo Live at 1080p/30fps. 

Thanks for sharing your recommendations!! 

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    I can't recommend one over the other but I can tell you a little more about them having worked with them both.

    Both Magewell and Blackmagic PCIe capture devices require you to install drivers.  Wirecast supports both of their capture APIs so you will get automatic format detection and you will get multi-channel audio support.

    Both cards have fans. I think both cooling solutions are adequate in a well ventilated case but I think Magewell's is noticeably louder.

    Yes the DeckLink Duo 2 has a control panel and you may need to use it in order to configure the card to use all 4 SDI ports as inputs.  You can set it once and stick with it. But with that bit of added complication you also get the option of configuring some of the SDI ports for output which may be a nice option for monitoring.

  • Paul thanks for answering my question. I decided to order the BM DeckLink Duo 2 + instead of the Magewell Pro Quad SDI, I got also a Magewell Pro Capture SDI with single SDI input which has no fan (has a heatsink). Right now I'm using a single SDI signal (program out from Ross Carbonite) for streaming. What I wanted is a backup input card in case one of the two capture card fails.  Also the Magewell Pro Capture SDI uses a PCIe x1 (single lane) port which is convenient as the Dell Precision 3630 has only a few PCIe slots: 1 x PCIe x16 (used by Nvidia Quadro P2200), 1 x PCIe x1 (Magewell Pro Capture SDI) and 2 x PCI3 x4 (one used by BM Decklink Duo 2 and one free). 

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