WIRECAST 13: Screen Capture - Window - NOT working

Hi Community,

I am struggling with an issue that I believe has been noticed when WC13 was still beta.... but unfortunately has not been solved as it seems....?


  • DELL Precision 5540 Laptop
  • WINDOWS 10 PRO (Version 1909)
  • WIRECAST 13 PRO (Version 13.0, 13.01, 13.02)
  • BROWSERS: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge (latest versions)


In Wirecast Version 13, it is not possible to screen capture a browser window anymore!

Firefox and Chrome are greyed out and cannot be selected at all, Edge and Opera can be selected, but the screen capture shows nothing or (in case of Opera) a white rectangle.

When downgrading to lower versions, this still works. I just tested it with WIrecast 9 on the very same PC, changing nothing but the the Wirecast version.


Being able to screencapture a browser window (runnig a flash application) is mission critical for my production setup.

Screencapturing the whole monitor screen and cropping out the area of interest unfortunately does not solve the problem in my case.

Any help or advice is highly appreciated!



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  • I have now tested with a couple of different Wirecast versions on this system.

    • WC 9.0: all browsers works!
    • WC10.1: some browsers work (firefox, opera) chrome does not
    • WC11.1.2: some browsers work (firefox, opera) chrome does not
    • WC12.2.1: not working at all!
    • WC 13.x.y: not working at all!

    So it does not look like it would be a Microsoft problem, at least not entirely!
    Can the developers think of something that changed in those versions?

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  • Chris R There have been changes in the browsers as well. As a result, we've had to filter out them. Pending changes in the browser we investigate fixing them but in some cases, OS changes and the browser use of certain features make this difficult. 

  • Thanks for the reply, CraigS! Not sure if I fully understand though....

    What's the difference between WC 9 and WC 10-13, as it works with WC9?
    Same windows version, same browser versions, ....

  • Chris R Please make sure browser versions are current. Include version numbers.

  • Chris R The issue is around disabling hardware acceleration to capture certain browsers which, in and of itself, creates logistical problems.

  • CraigS
    Browsers are all current, version below:

    • Firefox: 73.0.1 (64bit)
    • Chrome: 80.0.3987.122 (64bit)
    • Edge: 44.18362.449.0

    I tried disabling hardware acceleration in some browsers, but it was still not working.

    Would be interesting to understand the difference between WC 9 and WC13, as screencapture works "as always" in the old version.... 

  • Chris R Fill out this form and list the browser and Wirecast versions and the results for each version with each browser and we'll see what the developers will consider. Note if disabling hardware acceleration helped (or not) in Wirecast 13. Make sure you're referring to Screen Capture Capture Type Window.

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  • Wirecast 13.1 says Google Chrome is not compatible 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  • ecastillo Fill out the form and request that we fix that if possible.

  • Hi all,

    I did some further "tests" and tried to screen capture various browsers in "Window" mode with Wirecast Pro 13.1.0 on a Windows 10 Pro system (version 1903)

    • Chrome 80.0.3987.132 - not working (with and without hardware acceleration)
    • Firefox 74.0 - not working (with and without hardware acceleration)
    • Opera 67.0.3575.53 - working (only without hardware acceleration)
    • Brave 1.4.96 - working (only without hardware acceleration)

    Hope that helps...?


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  • Chris R Thank you for your tests, I was working on that too. :D

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  • I tested window capture with a competitor and they have no issues with the latest chrome version 80.xxx

  • Jens Jarke And we are investigating a way to get this to work regardless of the hardware acceleration setting. 

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  • Chris R We're working on improving this.

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  • Just for completeness, I just tested a capture of a Chrome and Safari window on OSX, and both worked fine. It is something different between Windows and OSX operating systems causing the impact with Chrome it appears.


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  • Greg Kuhnert how do you achieve the window capture of Chrome in Wirecast 13.1 on Windows? To me it says not compatible.

  • ecastillo I am not commenting on windows - I was just sharing that it works on OSX (Mac), so therefore there is something different either within Wirecast, Chrome, or operating system that allows it to work on OSX, but not on Windows.


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  • Greg Kuhnert 

    Hi, I'm testing on Windows and the Free App OBS 25.0.1 already has a working Window Capture feature... thinking about this:


    OBS Price = $0.0
    Wirecast Pro Price = $799.00


    I understand all the work involved behind the software, but, I feel a little bit dissapointed that OBS being free and can achieve breaking features but Telestream Wirecast that it's very expensive, can't.

    OBS 25.0.1 has now .cube LUT support, feature that we where requesting since dinosaurs era and they now fixed the Window Capture issue...

    What's wrong? Or what's not working friends?


    Note: SS of Window Capture working on OBS attached.

  • If it works with OBS why not using it. You can NDI into wirecast if you really need wirecast at that point. There are other software vendors with working screen capture as well.

  • Jens Jarke sounds like a good option but I’ll research about add more than one NDI sources in OBS to retrieve it on Wirecast, but… Why Wirecast can’t have this features?  

  • ecastillo It took me years to get ASIO and multiple audio tracks into wirecast. My experience is, that especially with Telestream (not only Wirecast) development cycles take way too long. CI/CD seems to be something new for Telestream.

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  • We're working on improving browser capture. There were technical reasons why the developers made decisions that prevented such capture centered around hardware acceleration. Sometimes the developers take a different path that will eventually yield the same results. It will get there though.

  • The bummer with working in my current setup is that I had built a webcasting pc with a Decklink card to input HDSDI. It runs on Windows as I don't trust the stability for professional webcast gigs on my Hackintosh side of the build. Thus having these software/hardware hand-off issues between applications in Windows 10 and the most current versions of Wirecast has been frustrating, in particular right now when doing so much of the work is virtual. I was able to find a great workaround for Zoom by adjusting settings within Zoom. And under this thread it appears that we need to adjust settings in web browsers. Here's to hoping some of these kings get ironed out soonly. 


    Also, Chris R where did you get your previous WC versions? I used to have those versions, but I generally delete older versions when I update. Now I'll stop doing that!

  • I believe there will be improvements in Screen Capture in an upcoming release although I can't be more specific than that.

  • Hiram Becker you can get the previous version on the WIRECAST DOWNLOAD page....

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